What are you ordering, 2018


Good size trees, slightly butchered roots. Better than many of the large nurseries, I’d say.


I do not know if they have what you want but VanWell Nursery has sent me the best trees - all 3/4 inch calipers very good first year growth, a close second is Raintree. ACN Nursery was all over the place on last years order - less than 1/2 inch to 3/4 on some varieties. Cummins has sent small trees compared to the rest but they are usually very good trees (good grafts, nice straight trees). I had problems with Cummins last year with a canceled trees and it seems others on here have problems with Raintree. Never ordered from Bay Laurel.


Yes, I’ve heard about them not having the best of roots.

What kind of trees did you get from them?



I ordered two plum trees to pollinate my plumcot, as I had so many flowers on my plumcots this spring, but only a single fruit, so just get two plum tree for this. Also I really want to try nectarines, so ordered three nectarines. Then two asian pears to increase the yield as we all love them. Some apple rootstocks for practice my bench-graft and I will graft HC and Fuji on them. All from ACN, their trees are kind of expensive, but free shipping when you order 5.


I’ve ordered a Weeping Santa Rosa, Flavor Supreme, and Kyoho grape from them. All are doing well.


Thanks Richard. I just checked VanWell’s site, and they don’t sell interspecifics. I ordered a pear and peach from ACN this year, and they’re doing alright. Both had awesome roots, and were about 1/2-5/8" thick with good feathers.

Most of my apple trees are from Cummins, and for the most part are doing well.

Raintree sells some pluots, but not the ones I’m looking for.


So does the Santa Rosa and the Flavor Supreme pollinate each other? Have you got any fruit from them yet?

I just checked your profile. Wow, you have lots of fruit growing. Are those all separate trees, or some grafts? How has your fruit harvest been this year?


I’m not sure, but I have other plums and pluots so I’ve never been worried about pollination.

Not yet. These were both planted last year.

A bit of a mix. But I get paranoid about losing a whole bunch of varieties if the base of a multi-graft tree dies. The most I normally feel comfortable grafting to one tree is four varieties. Fruit harvest was okay this year. A lot of my trees were purchased three or four years ago (and I’ve moved stuff around to get the layout I wanted), so based on size and the amount of flowers I had this past spring, next year should be my first real bumper crop.


I believe Flavor Supreme and Flavor King pollinate each other but would recommend Dapple Dandy in there to help out. All are wonderful pluots and highly recommended. I find that I get better pollination when I have 2 to 4 varieties grafted on one tree. The fruits are usually larger on these trees than the others. I’ve noticed this with most stonefruits.


I mostly buy from BL. I would agree with SMC. Great people there, never had a problem.


Thanks, Jennifer. Do you have any of the three pluots I mentioned? If so, how would you rank them in taste, and productivity? How soon do they start producing?

I’d like to hear from others on the forum as well regarding FK, FG and DD. Thanks for all your replies!


Flavor King and Flavor Grenade have a spot in my dirt. :slight_smile: Both of them are excellent, maybe FK would win the taste test for me. FK is in it’s 5th year, slow grower I would say and not a lot of fruit yet. Is on citation and may have been abused pruning wise so that may have hindered growth and production (Me was learning). Flowered out gorgeous this year and I am hopeful for a bigger crop next year. My first Flavor Grenade grew nicely and produced a good amount of fruit 1 year after planting but succumbed to a disease and died. Planted myself anther one this year…fingers crossed.

Note: I have very little chill hours, clay soil, no water! I have to irrigate and sometimes I let it go too far without watering which citation does not appreciate so others in your similar area will probably have a totally different experience.

Flavor King the spring:


Thanks for the reply and pic. That’s a very nice looking tree. Is that okra in the foreground?

Looks like Puggy is about to add some “amendments”…


Haha…I am most positive he did! No okra, cucumbers! Had a great crop this year.


I’ve had really good luck with geo pride, splash, flavor grenade. They are all good but geo pride is my favorite of those three. Most people say supreme doesn’t set well, mine has done ok. King sets good but it’s late ripening so have to spray more, but it’s a amazing peice of fruit. Dapple dandy is ok but I removed mine as it was not good enough. Pluots need a lot of attention in my climate, I really like them, but I think I like some of the nectarines better.


I got some of my pluots came from adams county nursery and some from bay laurl nursery. Bay laurl chops the roots back but mine have always grown good. Trees of antiquity has very nice trees, don’t know if they have pluots, but their apple trees are very nice, and I’ve got good trees from peaceful valley, also nice trees


I agree with that. The only problem with them is that they ship super early. I think I got mine in January and had to pot them up and keep them inside by a window. But good looking, healthy trees.


Thanks. TofA does have pluots, and they have the ones I’m looking at. They just have some high shipping costs, almost $40 to ship two trees seems steep. BL charges $28 to ship two trees, ACN charges $20.

I’m looking at Peaceful Valley, they have lots of interspecifics. Their shipping is $30 for up to 10 trees, so that’s not too bad. But, yeah, I see that they start shipping in Dec, so that could be an issue.


ACN I think gives free shipping with 5 or more trees. The trees I’ve received from peaceful valley I put in a big pot and put potting mix on them and kept it slightly damp in unheated garage till march. A bit inconvenient but it works


Everything I’ve received from them,whether interspecifics,Plum,Peach or Nectarine has been Dave Wilson trees on Citation root stock. Brady