What are you ordering, 2018


Yeah, I’ve seen that. I don’t know if I want to risk Citation here. It’s looking like Bay Laurel may be my source if I get any of those pluots

@Jwsemo, I don’t think I’d want to do that for that long. I don’t have anywhere to put them if it gets below freezing, other than the house. Looks like if I get one of these it’ll be BL.

Were your PV trees on Citation? We’re they the pluots or peaches? Pluots did well on this RS, but not peaches?


We also had an awesome cuke harvest this year, our best ever since moving here. Mucho pickles this year. Peppers did great as well, they’re our only crop still going. We canned 9 pints of sweet brine jalapeño, banana rings and pepperoncini a couple days ago.

We got no potatoes, sweet or regular this year, and our tomatoes were a disappointment. The deer got after them, and we never got as many we would’ve hoped. But we did harvest enough to make 13 pints of salsa.

We also did very well with sweet corn and beans. We’ve canned a lot of stuff this year, but we’re both kinda glad that things are winding down.

Yesterday I dehydrated a bunch of hot peppers, and today ground them up for pepper flakes.

I bet you don’t have to worry about mowing grass where you’re at from what it looks like. I mowed today I hope for the last time this year. It took me 3 hours and I’m still not done with it. Three acres can take a while!


The trees I got from PF were a couple of apple trees. All the pluots I have bought have been on citation and have done great. The pluots from ACN are on citation, most from bay laurl come on citation or myrobolan. I have grafted a couple onto myrobolan but they are too young for any opinions, although ime sure they will be fine, I just hope they aren’t too much more vigorous than the ones on citation. As far as peaches I will never have peach/nectarine on it again. Also if you decide to try apricots I personally would recomend getting them on myrobolan not citation.


Yes, that is not convenient


I just placed an order with Fedco:

-Diana watermelon seeds
-Blacktail Mountain watermelon seeds
-Westcot apricot on Manchurian
-Black Ice plum on Prunus americana
-Elizabeth blueberry
-Elliott blueberry

Set to arrive early April 2018…


I am ordering honeyberries (arriving this fall):
1 Indigo Treat
2 Aurora
Harglow apricot on st Julian A
Antonovka on B9 - replacement for one that didn’t survive this year.
Early Burlat cherry/G5
Tehranivee Cherry / Gisela 5
Hudson cherry/G5 Kristin cherry/Gisela 5
and bonus FREE Highbush Cranberry to plant at my neighbor’s part of the land I am taking care of.

Here is my future cherry house coming along. We still need to install Y structure on the ends and draw the wires.


Lets see if i can get most of them in 2018:


1x Kentucky Champion
1x Summer Delight
1x VE-21
1x 275-48


1x Chocolate (Maybe this year)
1x Coffeecake
1x Zenji Maru
1x Hyakume
1x Vaniglia

Hybrid Persimmons:

1x JT 01-02
1x NB 21

American Persimmons:

1x 100-46
1x WS 8-10


1x Loud Georgus
1x Cherno Koprina
1x Emmanuelle
1x Aureifolia
1x Weiße Sofia


1x Honey Jar
1x Sihong
1x Redlands 4
1x JinChang No.1



  • Ashmead’s Kernel - G.935
  • CrimsonCrisp (Co-op 39) - G.30
  • CrimsonTopaz - G.30
  • Golden Russet - G.222
  • Newtown Pippin - G.30
  • Winecrisp (Co-op 31) - G.30

I’m also trying to source a Liberty and Pristine, on a rootstock I can plant at my 12 foot spacing between trees. I’m considering swapping the Newtown Pippin for a Pristine, as I only have 7 spots prepped for next year with mounds of topsoil/compost blend (my yard can be wet in the spring). Wish I could order 12 trees, then I’d have all I need… :smile:


Nice selection.

Cummins has Liberty on G11 if that’s what your looking for. Raintree and Wallace Woodstock in Wisconsin has Pristine. I ordered a Macoun and Cortland from WW last year and they have done well since then. Both are M7 trees.

I got a Pristine and Liberty from Cummins in spring of '16, The Pristine was on M7, and Lib on G202. Both seem to be doing pretty well, but won’t be producing for me next year, still too small.

I actually have the same Gold Russet you are ordering, and a Winecrisp on G202. They have not done well in two growing seasons, but I think it’s the soil they’re in. I’m considering moving them next year. You’ve already made amendments to their future home, so they’ll prob be OK. I didn’t and they’ve responded poorly. It also may because they’re in an area that can get some standing water occasionally.


Did anybody see G.969, G.210, or G.890 rootstocks sold online? Thanks!


I’ve done a little shopping for the 2018 season :slight_smile:

Very early hardy kiwis Scarlet september (end august - end september) and Red jumbo (mid-september - mid october) should make for a long hardy kiwi season !
Sweet gojis with no aftet taste Turgidus and Amber sweet (yellow fruits !)
Blueberries with tolerance to less-low pH Elizabeth and Reka
Cherry ‘blanchard’ that ripens cherries 2-3 weeks before other early cultivars :slight_smile:
…a mong other stuff


I am starting to think Spring Satin is a no-brainer for us out here in KY/TN area. I don’t know about you, but I’m not crazy about having to utilize an extensive “spray schedule”.

A little data from USDA back in 2000 (posted below) when it was first released and based on many comments from this group the Spring Satin seems to be holding up to its reputation.

“ARS horticulturist William R. Okie developed the reddish-black-colored fruit. Southeastern fruit growers have trouble growing plums and apricots in that region’s climate. This new cultivar is the first plumcot that is well adapted to the medium-high chill areas of the south. Plumcots developed in California haven’t done well in the south. Spring Satin’s unique cross is tolerant to major plum diseases, like bacterial spot disease, bacterial canker disease, and plum leaf scald”.

So far its number 1 on my list of trees to add for 2018.


A couple years ago I got a bundle G.969 from Cummins late in the season due to a bunch of down-grade changes on my order. That was before they had the online ordering system. So you could always ask them.


Yes, @Jwsemo mentioned Spring Satin as being a pretty low maintenance fruit, but still tasty. BL doesn’t carry that tree tho, but Adams County does. The plot thickens…


Just to back up Levers, I am 95% sure Cummins had at least 969 if not the other two for sale this September. The only reason I noticed was because I was going to get some rootstocks for spring and was seriously thinking about 969 when I saw it on a cummins website, since I had never seen that one for sale before, I went to do a little research . However, it was in smaller quantities, and about the time I made up my mind, and went back to make a purchase, they were already sold out. So as Levers said, probably worth it to check since they did have it a month ago.


Looks like stark brothers has it for $23.99 and larger dwarf Supreme for $28.99.


I transplanted three wild American plums back in the spring, and one of them survived and is doing well. Would I be able to graft a pluot onto this type of tree? I have pretty much decided on the three pluots I’d like to try out, but would like to try another non-patented one (Flavor Supreme?) on this wild plum. My three tentative choices are Dapple Dandy, Flavor King and Geo Pride. Anybody else know what are the other pluots/plumcots that are off patent?



Edit to my last post. I found another thread that shows what is and what isn’t off patent. Here is a link to those if you’re interested:


Looks like all four I’m interested in are off-patent. Cool beans.


Just tell the nursery you are buying from them the date(s) you want them shipped to you. I do this with nurseries I have bought from and they are always willing to ship them to you at the time you want. Email them first to get a confirmation about this from them AND keep that email replay. It will have the person’s name that gave you the approval in case they do not ship when they agreed to.


Are you talking about Bay Laurel, or nurseries in general? I’ve done that before, usually they ask you for a shipping date you’d like the plants/trees when you are checking out your order. I did that with my Stark Bros order last spring- they were due to ship mid of March, but I called them to push it up a couple weeks, and they did.

On the BL site, they say they cannot ship after the first of March as their trees cannot stay dormant that long. Makes sense as they ship out of Cali.

I think I could plant them here if I got them the first couple weeks of March, tho. Yes it’s cold, but not so bad as not to be able to dig a hole for them.