What are you ordering, 2018


I am talking about nurseries in general. All the ones I have bought from will give you a date range or time they usually ship out. I contact them and ask them if they can ship my order out on X date. They either can or can’t. Most of them always say yes to may shipping date request. I think I only had one that said their last ship date was a week earlier than what I wanted. That was okay since it was close enough. Cali is a whole different animal. I try and buy from nurseries that have similar weather conditions as where I live. At least I want my tress to have some sort of real winter exposure. Cali trees probably do not get that type of winter exposure. I want to order something from Trees of Antiquity, I always hold back because they have such mild winters. Maybe I should just play a Jedi mind trick I play on myself. " Their trees will do fine here. Pay no attention to their warmer winter weather there"


Well, these trees are only one year (or maybe two years old, idk), so I don’t know if it would be an issue. I mean, if the variety is rated for my zone (6), then I think it should be OK.

My main concern is if they will even produce in my location, not their winter hardiness. Last year I wanted to try apricots, but decided against it. I think pluots would have a better shot here. I know they’re not the same, but plums grow wild here, 'cots do not. We’ll see.

If I want these particular pluots, I really don’t have a lot of nurseries to pick from. There’s BL, TofA, and Grow Organic, all in CA. Adams County has some of them, but they’re only on Citation, which I’d rather not have.


Cummins had a few about 3 weeks ago. I bought a couple of 969 to play with.


Matt, I just wanna tell you that my Black Ice keeps on getting some sort of canker (oozing, bubbling wound) at the base of the tree. I don’t spray my trees. I’m guessing this tree doesn’t like high humidity. Keep a close eye on your’s :slight_smile: I hope I can taste a couple of fruits before it dies.


You are probably right. They are designed for your zone you should be good. I just always try to make sure I get mine in the time frame I need to plant them. I know you are more southern in planting zone than I am. If they send me the trees earlier than what I want there is a possibility of the ground still being frozen enough that I cannot plant it. I would either have to heel the tree in somewhere or try and keep it chilled enough to plant when the ground can be dug into.


Thanks! Too bad I missed them.


Wow. Tell us more about the Blanchard cherry.


Where are you located, Mike? I’m in the Boston area and have ordered from ToA twice. They shipped in April both times and both times the trees did well and looked great. Super happy with ToA… sans the cost of shipping.


I’m not that far south as you may think. I’m just up the Ohio River about a 100mi from Cincy. We’re not that far from Portsmouth.

I think the soil is workable the first of March here, unless it’s been a particularly cold winter. But the last two years our winters have been pretty mild. I don’t know what we’re in for this winter, some folks around here seem to think it’ll be colder, but I don’t know what they base that on.


I should add, they had the 890’s and 969’s. I just looked at my invoice. I’m not sure on the 210’s.


Not much is know about this cherry. The nursery describe it as very early (this is confirmed by amateur growing it on the net), 3 weeks before Burlat. Small pit, good quality. Said to be best grown in mediteranean climate, not sure why, maybe to avoid frost on such early blossom ? From what i remember having read on the net, wood and leaves are have some difference with standard cherries, so this is a kind a botanical mystery :slight_smile:


I did not realize you were that close to me. I am about an hour north of Cincinnati. The temps we get are about the same. We tend to get more bad weather from about the I-70 east-west divide. Most of the really nasty stuff is north of I-70 strangely enough. Last winter was really nice. The rains come in March so at times the ground is wet on the top inch or two and then , if the ground is frozen, it is tough to get the holes dug properly. I usually wait until the first week of April to plant the trees. I figure by that time the really nasty stuff is out of the way.


I’m in SW Ohio. I may give them a chance this coming spring if you say you have had good luck with them. I tried one nursery, a bunch of years ago, that was in California and the trees did not do well at all. So i have been tainted by that measure of nursery stock.
Thank you for the information about your experience with ToA. I will start looking through their tree selection this next month.


Wow where did you find Snowbank Blackberry for sale @Drew51 offered to share but he also thinks they might be virus infected.


It looks like Baker Creek is offering them as live plants from tissue culture this year.


Which brings to mind the question: When does Zestar come off the list? I’ve a friend who got a first taste of this from his tree and is eager to begin grafting from it.


Most apples are hardy to zone 4, so the question is really, “Can it handle California summers?” Hot dry summers eliminate many contenders. You will probably find other challenges in terms of disease and pests than they deal with at T of A, but hardiness is rarely the issue. Go for it.


Hi Nut,

I noticed that that Garden Register didn’t show apples. So I looked up Zestar’s patent under its UMinn name, “Minnewashta”.

From what I can see on this document, it’s still under patent. Filed Nov 25, 1997, published April 2000. I think you go by the filing date, so it should be clear next month?


I planted one of these this spring, it’s between an Alkmene and a Suncrisp.


Link for everyone’s convenience



The one I really want is Minnieska a.k.a. SweeTango. That apple is flippin delicious, but it has fallen into the craven hands of the club growers who refuse to relinquish it.

Opal is another good apple taken hostage by the clubs. Terrible.