What are you ordering, 2018


Cummins Nursery of New York sells Zestar apple trees to the general public. I imagine they must have secured the rights to sell the trees.

Grandpa’s/Moser’s (MI), Stark Bros (MO), and Boyer’s (PA) also sell Zestar trees.


My understanding is the filing date is operative. Thanks for that. I’ll pass on the info to my friend.


Where’s the “boo, hiss!” button?


I agree Matt. I would love to have both of those varieties


Fedco also sells Zestar, just to add one more possible source.


Just two trees, and they have to go in pots:
Flavor Delight Aprium–because I can’t seem to grow real apricots
Skagg’s Bonanza Navel Orange–replacing a large, 10 year old Skagg’s that made delicious fruit. It died :cry:


I will be ordering 2 or 3 tube traps for sure. I will not be adding any more fruit trees until i can protect my investments first.


I have to get a tube trap too. I don’t want 2018 to be another year without fruit.



I’m ordering the following trees from various places, with the selection of most trees helped by recommendations from members of this forum:

Peaches: June Pride, PF9A-007, Redhaven, Challenger, Saturn, PF 8 Ball, Summerprince, Juneprince

Nectarines: Arctic Glo, Arctic Star, Harko, Independence, Raspberry Red

Pears: Butirra Precoce Morettini, Hosui, Shinseiki, Shinsui

Plumcot: Spring Satin

I’m experimenting with a few low chill varieties based on some success I’ve seen from others here.

I appreciate all the experience represented in this group, and the way folks are so quick to share their expertise.:sunglasses:


Where are you getting your June prince and summer prince if you don’t mind me asking?


Cumberland Valley Nursery has Juneprince and Summerprince. I haven’t heard anything about those two varieties - just thought I’d try them.


Snap Dragon is amazing! Honeycrisp times ten. Stupid club…


That goes to show you how subjective taste can be. I just ate several appes including Snap Dragon. It’s just another crunchy, sweet apple. I will mention more in the Best Tasting Apples thread.


Not sure where you are, but they’re peaches developed in Georgia. They’re, on the whole, supposed to be very good eating, and pretty good for Georgia climate and conditions, but I’ve read some reports that they are not the most cold hardy. Not trying to scare you off of them (I want to buy them myself) just sharing the bit I know.


I have one Juneprince tree. I’m hesitant to comment, because it’s only 4 years old, but so far I prefer Risingstar or Glenglo for that window.

Like I said, it’s a little unfair for me to make a comment this soon. Just wanted to share what I’ve seen so far (even if premature).

I think if I were in Alaska, I’d go for Risingstar. Glenglo is a more lovely peach overall, but wouldn’t chance it in AK.


Btw, I think overall some excellent choices for peach trees if I were guessing for AK. Look forward to hearing how they do for you!


Thanks Mark. I did pick up Risingstar and Glenglo last spring, so am curious to see how they winter. I usually watch your recommendations pretty closely, and particularly appreciate your reports on low temp effects on different peach varieties. I also picked up a Surecrop last spring per your suggestion, and it has gone into dormancy well, which is a great first step. I had a few other cultivars which decided to really get growing in late August, and the cold fall weather seems to have hammered them. My reading keeps pointing to the importance of rootstocks which help direct the early dormancy. I watched K1, St Julian, American Plum, Manchurian Apricot, Myrobalan, Lovell, and Halford this fall, and the Manchurian Apricot was by far the first to respond to the season change, followed by the American Plum. Bob Purvis recommended I try Manchurian Apricot roots under peaches up here. (I’m hoping to acquire some Siberian C next spring to experiment with as a rootstock too.) Beyond the rootstock differences, as you point out I see significant variability in hardiness of the different cultivars too. It’s gonna be a long learning curve…


Oops, forgot. Also ordering nectar peach and harcot apricot.


Ordered from Stark Bro’s 31 Oct 17
1x Prok Persimmons
1x Spring Satin Plumcot
1x Black Walnut Black Gem
1x Black Walnut Kwik-Krop

(Still looking for Black Walnut Neel #1 and Thomas Meyer). Will call Nolan Nursery

Ordered on 11October2017 from
Plantmegreen .com
1x Persimmon Trees - Saijo
2x Blueberry Brightwell
2x Blueberry Tifblue
1x Pecan Trees - Pawnee (Type 1)
1x Pecan Trees - Kanza (Type 2)
1x Pecan Trees - Amling (Type 1)