What are you ordering for 2022?

Hi @Piblarg ,
Thank you for suggestion. I already ordered 2 Persimmons from Whiffletree, I had room for only 1 big tree (Prok), but also found a spot for smaller Nikita’s gift. I could squeeze 1 more persimmon, but I am waiting on Whiffletree to let me know if they can find for me the tree I want. I prefer to buy from local so I could drive there to pick up the plants myself. I checked tropic.ca, they only list Asian persimmons on their website, not hardy enough for my 5b zone. I already took a risk with Nikira’s gift, so, not sure I want more experiments at this time. Hopefully I get the 2 persimmons that I already ordered, that would be a big thing for me. I really appreciate your suggestion, I might check other plants at Tropic, they have some interesting staff there. Thank you

Last year he had several other hybrid persiommon he did not list. Looks like you got a good selection though.

I have constructed a feature that birds bathe in for someone and as they say, the birds stand in line for a turn. Same at the blueberry patch.

Another neighbor has photographed over 100 birds in his yard…(100 species)…has a lot of photos posted on “flicker” for public appreciation.

Birds are NOT scarce anymore!

Butterflies … all I can say us until people quit using cars, the butterflies had better fly high or not at all as they cross the INTERSTATE.

B10, B118, and pear rootstocks account for most of my ordering for this spring. Some scions, a handfull of small fruiting plants.

I got a Black Tartarian cherry and a Georgia Gem blueberry from this store today. My wife got a red flowering dogwood. They had hundreds of apple/pear/peach/plum/cherry/persimmon as well as blueberry and a few other things, all $10/per.

Trees were going out the door fast… Probably every 4th buggy I saw people pushing through the aisles had one or more trees/bushes in them.

Very little roots but hopefully they’ll survive… And thrive, after probably a year’s recovery time.

I did not know any of that info thank you. In my yard- our tree was planted around 1970 which makes it 52 years old approximately. In that time frame 1 seedling has thrived on a hillside approximately 100 yards from it. Other than that i have maybe seen one or two seedlings in my lifetime. So in my case and my property its not invasive. I dont live where you live. The seeds that i have grown and given away were to people that saw my tree and were amazed by it…as they were pollinator lovers themselves.

I keep seeing you mention native plants… etc. To be honest sir, if i only let native pollinator plants live on my property i think i might have some joe pye weed and pokeweed and a couple of dogwoods and some ironweed. ZERO milkweed grows on my property… but last fall i sewed around 5lbs of seed that i harvested on country drives. Yes Milkweed is invasive too.

Technically this is a fruit forum but i think we all for the most part realize that we need pollinators, and some of us are really into them.

I think everything i grow is non-native. My peaches are from China, my Apples are from Central Asia, my Plums are from Europe, my Blackberries are from Europe or China, my Pears are from Europe…etc etc etc.

If you are into honeybees…they are from Asia.

To be honest im not a native American either…

This all sounds argumentative… but the real argument is… What is native? Are my pollinators even native? Are all of my birds native? Are the monarch butterflies native to my state? your state?

Maybe there is a list somewhere but i bet its alot smaller than what we actually grow and enjoy.

To stay on topic- What did i order for 2022? Honestly… a whole LOT of non-natives. Like a whole lot.

Im sorry that in your area its an invasive plant… i think on the west coast that himalayan blackberrys are invasive… but its not where i live.

Final note- I admit i grow invasives… i grow non-natives. Im thankful for the travelers that carried seed and roots from all over the world to allow me the abundance that i have. Im thankful to all the creatures that visit my small part of Earth…even though they are non-native. Im thankful to live in a country that allows me to do so with Freedom. Not everyone on Earth is allowed these conditions.


that’s great. at $10 they’re cheap enough to use as a “super rootstock” and just graft them right away

eugene costco had root bags for $17 today. I didn’t bite, I have too much stuff coming from schlabach’s already


Meh I said I wasn’t gonna derail this thread anymore but I have to correct the information about bird populations. Since the 70’s of overall decline is estimated at 2.9 billion birds (30% of populations). You can read here how this study was conducted:

Can a mod move all these posts to a new thread to not clog this one up? (Maybe call it “planting invasive species on your land”) I don’t know any mods to tag. I don’t mind continuing the conversation but in its own thread.


Heh, yeah… Last year I bought a few plums and “franken-grafted” multiple varieties onto them. So as you say, just treat 'em as rootstock, at that price… I’m still allowing an original limb or two to remain to have those varieties as well though.

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I would enjoy that thread.

Here is a good start https://www.invasiveplantatlas.org/ i consider their listings and maps to be beyond reproach.

The Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States is a collaborative project between the National Park Service, the University of Georgia Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health, the Invasive Plant Atlas of New England and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Some good examples to start discussion would be the Plums, Willows, Oaks, Maples, Crabapples, Figs, Kentucky Bluegrass, Common Wheat, Crown Vetch, Rye, White Clover, Wild Oats, Pines…and yes even Chicory. There are thousands upon thousands of listings of these invasive plants… some in which my state plants themselves on roadsides and their own parks!!. There are fairly accurate maps of where they are considered invasive as well. My mimosa is on the list for sure.

Fantastic idea for a discussion. Hours upon hours of reading every invasive species here in the US.


Chicory? I’ve seen it in untamed lands many decades ago…I’m pretty sure it a native on the 350 or so acres I trudged 50 or 60 years ago.

So, ‘natives’ are invasive, too?
Anyhoooo…I’ll look for that thread on invasives and sorry for
hijacking the ORDERING for this year.

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Speaking of things being ordered.

Google and other search engines are putting some of these comments on the first page of their search results.

So, ‘caution’ if you’re ordering things not legal in your city or state…
if your name and/or address is attached, it’d be smart to realize
everyone can read it, and that includes the nursery inspectors and
U S D A and just about anyone. Better not mention it in posts if
it’s something not approved unless your profile is anonymous.

I’ve gotten in on a group order or 2…nurseries ship to one person, that may re-ship to others. Sometimes this avoids/bypasses the “cannot ship to CA” and so forth.
I’m not advocating any particular side of the matter, just FYI to those that might not have thought of this…don’t like anyone getting in trouble
just for lack of being up on things.

Though my orchard is mostly apples, I do want to include some things native to North America. I already have two pawpaws and just ordered some red mulberries and a couple spicebush. I have a lot of M. alba here and want the native genetics to at least interbreed with invasive Morus, so at least some of those genes persist. Will probably add a self fertile American persimmon at some point.

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Vaughn called today, my order has shipped (I asked for the beginning of their shipping window)


Not much, sadly, hard to find reliable apple scion sellers in western Canada that aren’t wholesale only. :confused:

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Flavortop Nectarine on Lovell rootstock just arrived today from Bay Laurel Nursery. This is my only purchase for 2022, as I am about out of space in the backyard.


Add blueberry, honeyberry to that list. I have saved tomato and bean seeds, so not sure I’m going to do a bunch of veggie seeds unless it’s a variety that keeps for more than current year. Radish, turnip, mustard I can buy cheaper at local farm stores.

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my vaughn order arrived. ten trees was about $180 total ($10/tree + $80 shipping). pretty happy with that, $18/tree at retail is still great, but I don’t think I’d order fewer than 10 trees in order to make it worth it. I assume shipping was maxed out because I’m across the country from them

the trees look great. they even figured out how to fold over the top foot or two to fit a 5+’ tree in a 4’ box, which appears to have worked. I didn’t specify sizes so I got a mix, one was an o’henry at 6-12", cute little guy but looks healthy


I have some peach trees ordered from Vaughn’s. Could you share some pictures of your order (trees) thanks

Yes, that’s the reason I have 100 B-118 among other rootstocks coming!

Half the time for first blooms as M111…I have some B-118 I grafted in '18 in 3 gallon pots that’ll have a bloom or more this spring.