What are your spring blooms?


The pink forsythia and regular forsythia are not in the same family. I read the pink forsythia grow in Korea and is forbidden to be taken out of the area for some reason. That is why we don’t see this plant often. My pink forsythia is in full bloom right now and the regular yellow ones I have not seen buds yet


Where did you get your pink one from. I’ve never seen it sold aound my area. I’ve been to many nurseries and big box stores, believe me :smile:


I had it for 8 years, I don’t remember which place I got it from.but I am sure not from any big box stores. I can try to root it to see how easy/difficulty it roots


My other trumpet daffodils.


My daffs are covered in snow - whether they will emerge is a question


do dafodills spread?


They do but take several years. At least they come back every year. My MIL has a bed of them that may be over 50 years old.

Tulips, on the other hand, should be treated like annuals. They come up for 2-3 years and start to fade away,


What astonishes me is the way crocus spread. I’m finding them where I never planted them


reading your post made me think of asparagus, it is showing up everywhere in my yard and neighbors. it is coming up in the cracks of my sidewalk.