What are your spring blooms?


My Daf’s and Pheasant Eye have passed and Peony is getting close to bloom.
Dicentra - fernleaf bleeding heart - this has the longest lasting blooms of any Dicentra I’ve grown

Not a bloom, but I just love these Birdsnest Spruce and they’re beautiful when they put on the seasons new growth:


My favorite peony. The center is gold color, not yellow.


That’s a beauty!


Thank you. When the sun hits the blooms, the center shows vibrant, shimmering gold color. Everyone loves it. It is a show stopper. I bought it from Burgess Nursery several years ago. They call it Charles Burgess. I don’t know if that’s the real name.


Bee balm (monarda)



Dianthus from seed, took two years to flower

Geranium from seed, finally spreading out a bit

Catmint and orange thyme

Not sure what kind of peony- they had been left at my dads house when the previous owner moved. She told him they were very old. I transplanted two years ago, this is it’s first bloom after that.


Taking two years from seeds to bloom. You are perfect for growing fruit. You have patience.


I just wonder anyone know what kind of peony is this, please. It is very different from my other peonies. I got it at the end of a season sale several years ago. It tolerates shade well.


Interesting shape to it


I did not like it at first because I was used to typical fully layered peonies but it has grown on me. That’s why I’d love to know the name of the type of it,


It looks like this one called Green Lotus, to me


I think you got it. Thank you very much.

Except for mine does not have light pink edge. It could be because it is in 70% shade? I wonder if I move it to a sunny spot woyld petals developpink edge from full sun


Is it still spring?

I look forward to these roses all year long. Planting them outside my bedroom window was a great decision if I do say so myself. :smile: and no J beetles yet, thank heavens.

My only complaint is they are not frangrant. I have had a heck of a time finding a climbing rose that is fragrant and cane hardy to zone 4. Cant have it all I guess.


I bet they would have some pink if they got more sun. I think they’re lovely, I enjoy different.


Full confession. I did not like it as first so I dug the whole bush up and gave it to the coworker. The next year, a smaleer stem came up. I am glad I did not takeit all out. These day I like it for its uniqueness. When they grow bigger, I could dig up a couple to give you if you want.


I saw the squirrels dug up my bulbs and re buried them in places where I’d didn’t want to plant them. My tulips came up in weird places around my property. It was frustrating to find tulips growing in the middle of the lawn one year and then, under my evergreens…I wonder if u have same problem with critters.


They don’t rebury them, just leave them lying around on the ground.

I’ve discovered I can’t fertilize with bone meal - that’s what they’re after, not the bulbs themselves


It was miracle the bulbs survived the mower…:joy:


I realize I forgot to reply to this, and how can I turn down a peony? :wink: I will find a place for it if you send it!