What did you eat today - that you grew?

Loads of Goji berries this year! Instead of picking each one individually, I cut off the branches and will put them in the freezer, so they’ll come off easily.




Anybody can grow Goji I think…if they can grow crab grass anyhow. :slight_smile: But, I think they taste like chopping a flavorless tomato and a green pepper up and having it for desert.

But, freeze-dried? I’m going to try.

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My first Fuji, I think next year there will be more.


Lovely. I have a couple on the counter … not as colored as yours. It’s a fine apple, and easier to raise than an average cultivar. (not as easy as Arkansas Black or Liberty…but easier than a lot)


I have it in very ugly and tough soil, I think my neighbor’s hedge doesn’t help, but I think after the big rain last year, the root is growing and maturing.

Desert King fig and some Lang Jujubes, the jujubes are pretty tasty for Lang variety.


Another Prok. Quite tasty. I’m hoping I still have a Prok to taste when my first 100-46 is ripe so I get to compare them.


Raspberries, strawberries, figs…


Braeburn apple. Something gnawed on it so I picked it early. Made a great whisky sour juiced with a teaspoon of sugar.

This is officially the first fruit from my plot! I pinched off everything in the spring so the trees would put more energy into getting established but I missed this one and then later decided to let it grow.


Greens, mostly arugulas and pea shoots, the dish wouldn’t have been the same without the greens, very refreshing.

Incredibly easy recipe, I just throw the short ribs in my crockpot with a bit of red wine and tomato sauce.


Rubinette and Liberty apples covered in caramel


Yesterday’s dinner:
We had a casserole made from roasted poblano peppers (from the garden), tomato (from the garden), sauteed onions and chicken of the woods mushroom (mother nature’s garden), and some non-dairy ricotta we made from raw cashews. It came out great and we’ll make it again, although it isn’t every day we have chicken of the woods mushrooms.

The squash is Mrs. Amersons winter squash (c. moschata) which was really rich and flavorful. This is the second year I’ve grown it and I expect it will be a regular.

Brown rice to soak up all the delicious juices.


Tonight was another meal mostly from the garden.

Morado de Fitero tomato - one of my favorites. This one was over a pound, which is pretty normal for this variety.

Snake gourd - I should have taken a picture before cutting it up. It was about 3 feet long.

Sauteed and simmered in a curry with Goldini II and Costata Romanesco squash from the gardens, plus onions and spices. Shrimp added near the end.

Served with brown rice, bread and some of the left over fresh tomato.

Don’t forget the Amla chutney - this stuff is great but very intense so don’t use too much.

And a Prok persimmon for dessert.


Ate an acorn, a pawpaw, some cherry tomatoes, and a big handfull of AUTUMN OLIVE berries.


I just love the variety of colors. Beautiful!


I had my first chocolate berries this week. Leycesteria formosa.
I can taste the honersuckle lineage in them. I can also clearly see how they got the name.
Certainly not an attractive ripe fruit, and a bit messy.


Today… i had my first CHE fruit… and it was very good… also strawberries, raspberries, figs, ss 100 cherry tomatoes and a pink brandywine.


Banana Heart cooked… :yum:

I prepared like i saw in the vídeos… first i prepared a bowl with water, salt and vinegar and put There everything i will use. I took the central part of flowers out and use the rest. Took out all red leaves out untill i get to all White center. Then i start to cut it very thin and allways put it on water.
Then you amasse everything inside the water and let it There untill you cook. I use a fried pan with olive oil, onions and garlic. Let it go hot. Took all water very well and put everything on fried pan. Tamp it untill it cooked very well. You can put the spices or anything as you like.
You can use that as you want… any dish from soup, rice, etc.
The look is just the photo… i did it to save the banana heart. Now i can use it in any dish… but i think if you want you can use it directly on the dish you want… you just have to prepare it as i told with all the parts you will use imediately on the water with salt and vinager… then take out all water very well and cook…


Rainey weekend. Made bread for the first time since spring. Sliced Hosui, Bartlett, Golden Delicious, and Ashmed Kernel carrots yellow peppers, figs. Roasted a Long Island Cheese pumpkin. My wife made butternut squash soup. The greens aren’t mine.


Liberty and Mac apple compote with whipped cream and honey almond topping. Lort.