What fruits did you eat today?



Abd Indian Free peach. What a nice peach.


Which peach variety did you use to pollinate indian free ? I understand it blooms very late


In our cold zone all varieties of peaches seem to have overlapping bloom time.

The tree (Easternglo nectarine) has several peach varieties on it. I can tell you later what they are. Next to this tree are Autumn Star and PF 24 C which are within 8-20 ft to it, too.


Some harvest pics…


I grafted mine over to Early Laxton plum after 4 years or so of not being a happy tree. I don’t spray.

It looks great, but it didn’t look like I was ever going to get fruit.


Today I got to eat 2 unique Japanese persimmons that I’ve never seen in the US during a trip to Japan. Both look really freshly picked because the calyx on them were very green and not dried out. Both were also pollinated and seeded.

The one on the left is called Kitaro (~$13 for 2), the one on the right is called Soshu (~$5 for 2). Both are PCNA (non-astringent). They are some of the larger ones I’ve seen.

Soshu was crunchy yet juicy at the same time. Much juicier than the “Fuyu” from California at big box stores in the US. It was a pleasure to eat.

Kitaro was amazing. I’ve never had such a juicy non-astringent persimmon. The flesh was melting, somewhere in between a ripe cantaloupe and a ripe peach. What an amazing non-astringent persimmon, and worth the expensive price tag to be able to sample.



Too bad you can’t bring any of those large and juicy persimmon scionwoods back.




I do enjoy those, I wish they weren’t patented.


Sierra Honey plumcots from Walmart (no pics). They were good, with a great sweet/tart balance. The kids and I really enjoyed them. They weren’t the sugar bombs that Summer Punch plumcots were in August, but the SH were much more consistent from fruit to fruit.


Yates persimmons and Harrow Sweet pears this morning. Started my day with fruit.


1st ripened pawpaw.(Taytwo) Seattle areas


I tried Suncrisp from a PYO today. I haven’t tried as many apples as most users here but it is the best apple I’ve ever had. This is my 4th. It’s been raining so I’m sure it’s not even at its peak. Strong golden delicious aroma with a nice acid acid kick.

Edit: I swear, that bite before I posted the comment had the anise overtones from GD. Now that I’ve eaten more of them I’m finding it to be more complicated than I really thought it was when I was scarfing them down. And none of the Suncrisp apples I’ve eaten at home have any anise overtones. There’s some other flavors like citrus in there, which I assume comes from Cox. This really is a wonderful apple.

In the field I saw one that was almost fully russetted and ate it before deciding if I’d fill my bag or just get a few. Today, I ate the 2nd nearly fully russetted Suncrisp that I picked. It was from the same tree. A sport?


I grew six Goldrush apples on a tree that I shouldn’t have cropped this year, but in retrospect you only live once and who knows what the future will bring. They didn’t size up well with this tree being a bit stressed from being moved.

They would have hung on longer, but it was really windy the last two days and a few had blown off. We have sub-25 degree cold in the forecast so I decided to pick them to reduce the risk of them either freezing or being damaged falling off.

I haven’t eaten any yet. But they got an awesome blush on them.

I got the scion from fellow Iowan @kshaunfield. Thanks!


Wow, your GR are a lot more red than I’ve ever seen. Mine never have that much red, only a little red blush occasionally. I would not have guess those were GR.

How do they taste?


Nice looking GR. Looking forward to hearing about your taste test. They appear to color different in each location. I’m lucky to get my GR to hang long enough to get golden.


I agree about Suncrisp. It is a fantastic apple.


Seattle Home growing. Taytwo and NC1. 10.22.19


well, not really fruit but fruit of labor😄


You are such a great cook/chef. Those looked delish.

Mine was from yesterday. This Crunch A Bunch apple (yes, a silly name) was really good.

It is an early ripening version of Gold Rush. I think it is a great replacement for those whose growing season is too short for Gold Rush.