What fruits did you eat today?


This was the first time Black Ice has fruited for me,so others may have better info.
Mine came from a graft,probably Beauty on Flavor Supreme Pluot.
The flesh was firm,maybe like Santa Rosa.Whether they were picked too soon,I’m unsure,but there were fruit disappearing at the time.
I routinely hand pollinate,so someone else may be able to help with your question.
The flavor was good but only having one or two,I need more of a sampling to make a comparison to other varieties.
My wood may have come from Bob Purvis.bb


My tree is two years old and about 8 feet tall. I pruned it back last month because I was growing out of control with no fruit, which is probably my fault because I planted it right where my compost had been for like 8 years and where the chickens used to live. After I pruned it, it started making side shoots and that is where the berries have started to grow.
I plan to prune it a lot to keep it small. I can tell it wants to be a beast.


i planted mine in a raised bed with a little compost added. should see more growth next spring.


Ate my first Pink Lady today. It had a damage spot which ripened it early. The others are getting big and I don’t think it will be long before they ripen. Love my PL.


For years the strawberry tree fruits tasted like wallpaper paste. In the last few years, however, they have been outstanding. (Northern California.)


That’s great! Here this fruits are really great! :yum:


Dapple Dandy! Very delicious, for me in the same league with Flavor King and Flavor Supreme. Takes so long to be dead ripe like this, but well worth the wait…


Went to a nearby orchard and picked small Empire apples to slow bake whole for an event this weekend. Picking 2 October is early for Empire in this region, since we didn’t have smoke obscuring the light for all of August. Only two days of smoke that month feels almost miraculous. Sure thankful.


Ate two small to medium size Harrow Sweet from my refrigerator. Nice sweet treat. I thought I would have enough Korean Giant to last a few months but the grands loved them and they are gone. I’m afraid that if they get started on the HS these wont last long either.


My harvest of the day… :smiley:

Purple araçá, Red araçá, Feijoa, Sete capotes, Li Jujube and Fuchsia flower fruit!


Jonagold apple.

Surprisingly good despite a cool Summer. Skin is thin like Honeycrisp, but a bit tougher. Probably why the moths went right for it. Very crisp and crunchy, but the texture is fine/firm. It is sticky sweet with enough acid to make a decent pie or tart.
Less acid than a Macintosh, but better than any Fuji or Gala I have tasted.
There must be a reason why this is not a more popular variety, but it is not quality.


Love Jonagolds, one of my favorite apples along with several Mac varieties. Texture is top notch. I much prefer Jonagolds that are all red in color, like yours, as opposed to those that are mostly yellow or have little red coloring. They taste more spiced and flavorful that way, at least to me.


They would be even more red if not for the socks I had on them. I have one hanging in the North shadow of the tree, and the back of it is all yellow. I am finding that the yellow is getting a slight orange blush as they ripen.


Visited @Girly and she offered me some CoffeeCake persimmons and Fuji apples. Toured her yard munching on some really sweet raspberries (BP1 and Josephine, I think). CoffeeCake was similar to DWN Fuyu but has a nice cinnamon flavor at the end. Fuji was sweet, crisp and juicy - excellent flavor! Convinced me to find a spot in my yard for this fruit.






How is it possible for Kingsburg Ca to grow such tasteless Pluots? I bought them at Costco and I’ll return them. Even with all the cloudy weather this year the few pluots I grew, that the squirrels didn’t eat, were delicious. I didn’t expect such terrible fruit from California.


Big retailers only care about size, color, and firmness. Farmers give Costco what they ask for.


Some local honeycrisp. Found them to be excellent. I have been picking raspberries (Caroline) … don’t seem to be infested with swd at this point. They continue to put out new flowers. Strawberries continue to put out new blooms. I have eat a couple of strawberries each day for at least the past 2 months.i think i like everbearing… get them spread out…although i guess with june bearing you can just freeze and eat them that way.


Yellow Dragon fruits.