What fruits did you eat today?


Vincent those are good looking apples and ripening well ahead of mine. Do you like the taste?


The local university here has a Paw Paw Party every september at the schools arboretum. They have several Paw Paw patches within the arboretum where they gather them up in 5 gallon buckets and setup tasting tables to allow the community to taste the fruit that many have never had a chance to try. I actually picked a half dozen this past weekend while hiking there. My daughter and I like them but the wife and son don’t. They also have Amercian Persimmon tree that are nearing ripeness. But i was told there was a professor that always takes the lions share at peak ripeness to make some type of jam. Just have to beat him to them.


Hi Bill.
My friend gave me some Enterprise Apple right after picking from the tree in his yard. Looking so beautiful and he said they’re tasting more delicious than honey crisp apples. They are so fresh Super crisp but still tart after trying one for me, Apple has thick skin and disease resistant so no chemical needed for growing. I think he picked these Enterprise Apples a little early and he said can last up to half year long in the fridge. I have to wait at least another weeks to taste them again. I like my liberty Apple and Honey Crisp Apple better for now Bill.
October 8th 19. Enterprise Apple is very good quality after picking 20 days or longer . Peeling the skin off before eating please.


Yeah…past taste comments on here were kind of good and bad. I was in Madison at Olbrich one year and they had some that had splatted on the ground (it was fall time) and the one i picked up smelled like fish! So you know… that probably was a tad past its prime :slight_smile:


Thanks for the report on Enterprise. Liberty has been really good tasting to me also.


I like them, especially when you get the perfect specimen. I think flavor also depends heavily on ripeness. Sometimes you get a crème brûlée/carmel flavor, particularly if you let them ripen longer. So far the strongest flavor I’ve detected is muskmelon-like. But there are hints of vanilla and coconut too. They taste like a paw paw. :wink:


Frozen Lane muscadines. Zap about 20 second in the microwave and enjoy.


Those are all the flavors i like, but yeah i’m sure the flavors can vary widely. My seeds came from some dude off Ebay.

We tried that new First Kiss apple at the local orchard place. Wife really liked it. Little bit tarter then a honeycrisp but picks much earlier…although they also had honeycrisp (all locally grown).


Coffee Cake Persimmon.


I picked and ate so many Euro plums today. The largest harvest was Castleton about 8 lb today and by the time I finish harvesting, it will be about 20 + lbs this year.


Arbutus unedo fruits…


Strawberry tree fruit? I thought the fruits are not good for eating


No, they are great for eating! They are sweet!


What does it taste like? Flavor& texture?


Well it’s sweet and not juicy, like a paste… i don’t know how to descibe it but everyone here like it!


Susquehanna pawpaw.


Got some paw paws in the mail from Integration Acres. They only had them available for one day, then were sold out. (The website says if more fruit becomes available, they will post it.) These were packaged pretty well and tasted good, no bitter aftertaste. Hoping that my own trees produce more next year.


My first ever Illinois Everbearing Mulberry. One was filled with SWD larvae but the other was very good. Larger and tastier than what I can get around here wild.


can you
please tell me more about the black ice plum? like does it have a firm flesh? it is really self pollinating? how does it compare to other plums?


i got a few berries from my newly planted Northrop mulberry. they were tiny as i just planted it in june but they tasted good. hopefully much more to come next summer. how big is your tree? mine was 4ft. when i got it. about 6ft. now. i have a Trader mulberry coming next spring.