What fruits did you eat today?


It was delicious! My daughters tried it and loved it too.
I would describe the taste as caramel.
Unsure on the variety but it is a known one.
Likely Susquehanna.


I’m glad I planted a Susquehanna then. I see flower buds already formed so hope to try it next year! I haven’t tasted a pawpaw with caramel flavors yet but that sounds great.


Been having a few Italian plums drop for a while today first time had four on ground. They’ve been not much flavor or juicy. Felt them all and most are soft and tried reall good flavor and juicy. When I say juicy I don’t mean like a Japanese plum. Oh and a four year old tree too.


Those Liberty apples from storage are really good. Only two remaining. I have several Gala in storage but Liberty has a more complex flavor that I prefer.


Indian Free Peach


Vincent, I am surprised they are already ripe in PNW, mine won’t be ready until October 5-10.
Is it possible that there are more strains? The one I have has much lighter pulp, yours looks amazing. Now when I see your picture I need to go to my orchard to check mine haha


Hope it taste as good as it looks. How well do you like the taste?


Hi Paul.
Maybe because I was checking on them every day so they ripped early. Haha just kidding. Yes information said Indian Free peach should be in October to be ready here as well. Mine don’t have much fruits and right on very sunny spot on west side of front yard. They’ve were soft and I picked them in a bit early because I don’t like to eat too ripe peach, I refer their texture a bit firmer. I might not keep the tree for long because very low production here.
I really like this peach because fruit texture very unique and strong flavor, beautiful tree, leaves and especially good leaf curl resistant. I don’t have much fruits this year but they are a creation between Indian Free Peach and Frost peach . I broke the hard shell of the pit and maybe seedling outside through winter. Post pictures when your peaches harvest and comments on that please Paul. I keep checking in grocery stores for Cosmic Crisp Apple but they are not available yet.


It’s taste excellent when really ripe . The fruits’ skin a bit thicker than the regular peach. They’re very good to extended the peach season as well. If some one would like to eat firm, crunchy underripe peach I recommend the regular peaches would be better choice because Indian Free peach taste still a little tart as that stage. The fruits smell very good and texture were different than regular peaches Bill. I like them a lot.




@Vincent_8B Ok sounds good, I will post some pictures later, we have a cold snap so it will delay the ripening even more. One thing I noticed about Indian Free is that they don’t rot on the tree. My white flesh peaches are a complete disaster if not sprayed, the yellow are a bit better but Indian Free is doing great, you can tell it has a lot things in common with the semi wild “weinberg” peaches.


Fuyu. Picked today. After growing up eating the ones that require frost before even thinking about biting into one these are a welcome relief. To me the taste is like eating a totally different fruit.


Wow that seems really early! Looks great.


I wasn’t sure when Fuyu would ripen until I saw a nearby orchard offering them for sale. It was really sweet but I only had this one on the tree.


Paw paws from Red Fern Farm in Wapello, Iowa.

Unfortunately not all trees had tags so I don’t know what all the varieties are. I have for sure Shenandoah, Taytwo, Pennsylvania Golden, and NC1.

The un-known fruit I had yesterday was just about what I’d want in a paw paw - nice tropical flavor with no grittyness. It was more orange in flesh color than this fruit.


I got an email from them last week saying their pawpaws were only about a third as productive as last year. Also that there were lots of groups coming through the pick soon. What do you think, does it look like it’s worth a trip still?


My dad and I were there Monday (9/16). We were one of the first few groups (?) to pick paw paws with them. They were a bit worried that there wasn’t going to be enough ripe fruit, but I found 10 pounds and there was more we left in the grove on the trees that was ripe.

Tom was a bit worried that with the hot weather we are having the harvest is going to get compressed into a shorter period of time.

There were not many ripe persimmons and we had to scour for about a dozen. They are about a month later than normal due to the cold spring.

All the trees looked pretty good and I would say if you pick fruit from this season and plant the seeds you are going to be planting the most winter-hardy fruits given the test winter we had this past one.


I’m glad all the trees made it- the thought of planting those seeds is another compelling reason to visit, I hadn’t even thought of that.

I hope they’re able to stay afloat with some years being lean, like this one. I know he mentioned there being no chestnuts this year. Agriculture can be tough like that. Sounds like there’s more pawpaws than they thought though.


What do you think about the flavor? I’ve never tried paw paw…i have some seedlings planted in the ground now but it is going to be awhile…if ever… Look like mango.


Enterprise Apple