What fruits did you eat today?



I picked up some Dapple Jack Pluots at the farmers market.This was the first time seeing them there or anywhere,besides the one a vendor gave me a few years ago.
They have a good flavor.The one pictured was about 18 brix,but I could tell they were picked a little early.
I have a tree of this,but no fruit yet.There are some forum members growing this variety,yes?How are they doing?bb


Only about three years.They grew fast for a Pawpaw.bb


Flavor King: 18.5 Brix
GeoPride: 20.5 Brix


Pearl, Euro plum. Fully ripe. Very pretty on the tree. Like having apricots in Sept.

Nice, soft, plumey taste. Brix 20.


I have two apple trees that still haven’t been pilfered clean by varmits or me, a Grimes Golden and Suncrisp. While I was showing my wife the row of seven apple trees that I weeded and mulched this week, she saw that the GG tree had a few fruit still on the tree.

She asked if she could pick one and I said sure, but had her pick one that looked a bit more yellow than green. I frankly didn’t think it would amount to much. I picked one a couple weeks ago and it was way too green, hard and tart. The ones left have some cosmetic issues like sooty blotch but not much else. So, she bit into this one and said oh my, this is good, said it reminded her of the apples that grew here when she was a kid. I took a bite, and said, wow, this is so much better than the first one. Crunchy, yes, tart, yes, but not as much, and a little bit sweet.

I picked some GG at the orchard last week and they were almost tasteless, prob because I picked too many green ones. This one put those to shame. I told her that it almost tasted like a milder version of a Goldrush. Maybe a bit of an over- reaction, but it was very good.

I can only hope that the rest of them are just as good.


Curious to what you thought of their taste. I planted both of these varieties two years ago, along with Dapple Dandy.

I bought a pack of Jubilee plumcots from Walmart and they kinda look like Flavor King on the inside. Kinda firm, not real sweet, but a pretty good flavor.


Both are great! Flavor King, as expected have a more powerful flavor, kind of floral, but GeoPride is excellent too. Both set relatively well (compared to other pluots), did not suffer significant cracking (neither fruit nor pit) and were clean from disease with my spray protocol. I am actually going to graft both on Splash and ED, since I would love to get much more fruit from them. GeoPride is firmer and hangs for long time in a “firm ripe” stage. FK is ripe firm for only 10 days or so, and then will start softening and will drop from the tree on its own.




Here are some of the Contender peaches I grew this year. I also included a picture of the Summer Rambo apples. I picked some of the Summer Rambo apples while they were green to make a cobbler. They are REALLY a dense, dry apple at this state. I left a few more on the tree to see how well they are when they are truly ripened more.
I also have some Parmer ( only a few) ( small and yellow) and a few Hollow Log apples I picked. The Parmer is a definite apple sauce apple, very dry and soft. The Hollow Log had a very nice flavor to it. I only had two of each to try out this year.
I have a lot of Reinette Zabergau apples ( yellow with a lot of russet- like a fine sandpaper) this year. It was a prolific producer last year as well. One apple fell off the tree and I took a pic of is compared to the Parmer apple. The Reinette Zabergau is not ripe yet, but it did taste very good even not quite ripen yet. The one I ate had a lot of water core. It was very tasty even with water core

. ![IMG_3511|690x517]


One of 2 small Wabash pawpaw that somehow managed to mature on a 2 foot tall tree. This one has a firmer, meatier flesh than potomac that I tried last week and slightly milder pawpaw flavor. I really like this one.


2ft?! Wow! I didn’t think that was even possible. Congrats, they look great! The consistency and color look really nice for a pawpaw. My Wabash is 6ft, so I’m hoping for fruit next year.


Clockwise from the top: Dapple Dandy, Flavor King, Burgundy, and Flavor Finale in the middle.

All are very good when tree ripen. My daughter likes Flavor King the best since she was little, and we now have three in the containers just for her. Not shown here but the only plum that has very nice flavor when properly ripen is Fortune, even though it is different from FK. I like pluots better than plums because the skin is thin. The two pluots that please everyone is Splash and Flavor Grenade. Splash in the good year can be harvested for a long period, from crunchy and tangy to firm and sweet. Flavor Grenade only good when ripen on the tree, but they stay crunchy in the fridge, and after a few weeks people still think they are newly picked.!

Nothing is better on a summer day than a sweet and juicy Flavor King straight from the fridge


I’ve been trying Flavor Grenade Pluots for about 2-3 weeks and they probably won’t get any sweeter,averaging 17 brix.This Summer hasn’t been real hot.I’m not sure if it has reached 90F.The fruit is still good though.bb


We ate the 3 Ambre nectarines that i had on a tree. They were really good, but too small and had lots of spot on them.


Very pretty fruit in that last photo…!!


I got to try a sweet dream peach…i think we picked it on Sept 1st… Very good peach but the problem was there was only 1 fruit… Maybe next year there will be a few more. As you can see some spot but not horrible for being a very wet spring (no spray).


Big pawpaw just 3 grams shy of a lb.


Looks delicious! What variety is it? Looks like it has a wonderfully low seed count.


Since last week, I have eaten more peaches than I care to count. This will last a few weeks. Hubby will make many upside down cakes and jam to give away. These were PF 24 C picked today.