What fruits did you eat today?


Beautiful Darker red like Nadia. Your tree Brady?


I have a tree,but this one was grafted to a Nectarine.bb


Honey Punch is a pretty late pluot. Not much earlier than this in my GH. And I’m usually 2 weeks ahead of Fresno CA. So that may not be HP. Just a thought on my part.


How about inside color look the same HP Steve?Maybe it’s still firm or the fruit right the best sunny spot in the garden. @fruitnut


I’m not sure. I haven’t grown HP for about 5 yrs. I do think it looks about right.


You are in hardiness zone 7 . Can pawpaw grow there? Steve @fruitnut


Ate a bunch of fruit picked today, Charleston Gray watermelon, Castletom. and Pearl plums and Saturn donut peaches. I was quite generous with Suuround spray as you can see on Saturn.


My Mom is here visiting and she wanted to go over to Reed Valley Orchard to pick up some apples before she goes back home. And I wanted some as well.

We went yesterday afternoon and stayed about three hours, I did the picking while she waited. I ended up picking Crimson Crisp, Grimes Golden, Golden Russet, Jonathan, Macintosh, Liberty.

We wanted some Honeycrisp, but due to a lot of biennial bearing trees, their crop was low this year. Thankfully they had a few left in the shop, so I picked up about 4lb of them.

My wife wanted HC and some Maxine pears, and I was lucky to get some of the pears, the trees were about picked clean.

I’ve sampled all of them except HC, they seem to be a bit underripe, have a bit of green look to the interiors and a bit firm when cutting them. Will have to let them sit a while to allow the flavors to improve.

The best tasting fruit were the Golden Russet, very crunchy, a bit sweet and tart. Crimson Crisp were pretty good, but had a bit of water core. Macs and Libs were good, still a bit too green, but have that grape-y flavor they’re known for. Jonathan was pretty tart but not too impressive and Grimes Golden was totally bland, maybe a bit tart, I think they should have been held a while before they allowed them to be picked.

Brought home about 25lb of apples and abt 10lb of the Maxine’s.
Pix to follow.


Five bags of fruit booty!

And a bag of Honeycrisp

Tree of Golden Russet, there’s only two or three of them in the whole orchard, thankfully folks don’t seem to like them as much as we do!

In between rows of pears, they seem to go on forever.

Closeup of a Korean Giant pear

Branches of KG

Some Harrow Sweet pears, not quite ready yet.

Crimson Crisp apples, very nice coloring

CC trees on a wire trellis, I think they’re on G935 rootstocks.

More CC

Dolgo crab apples

Jonathan apples, I think

Jonathan (or Sansa) lashed to post


Wild plums

@subdood_ky_z6b are your Dolgo crabs red all the way through the flesh? On my new Dolgo tree
I am getting fruit that are white inside, but the ones I find at the market have solid red flesh. Wondering what’s typical.

They still taste zesty and amazing though.


Those pics are from the orchard we went to Wed. I didn’t pick any of the Dolgo, they were in the same row as some Liberty, and I just thought they looked interesting, hence the pic. I didn’t know if they were ready or not, so I didn’t pick any. I’m not growing any crabs in our little orchard.

When I was paying for what I picked, the owner of the place checked me out. We talked shop for a while, always interesting to chat with someone who does this on a large scale. Anyway, he said the Dolgo were past their prime, so I could have picked a few but they prob wouldn’t have been very good.

I saw some other crabs in another part of the orchard, and he said those were Wickson, but weren’t ready yet. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this crab, so I hope I get a chance to try some out when I go back.


Was curious Mike to hear how your apples are doing this year, and peaches, too. We had a very small crop of apples this year, all of them pretty underwhelming, but we didn’t have a large sample to try either.

The one Alkmene we tried was pretty good, I think this might be a good variety for us in the future. Sweet, tart and aromatic. There were about five fruit on the tree, but something got four of them.

We had two Zestar to try, they had some scab or rot, mostly because of either birds or yellowjacket damage. The fruit we could try was good, but maybe a bit past its prime, but a promising variety.

We had five Liberty on our tree one day, they seemed to be getting close to ripe. But, a few days later, there was one left. The one left was a bit soft, so it wasn’t that good.

One of our Grimes Golden tree has about 5-6 fruit on it, all of them no bigger than a golf ball. I tried one last week, it was still way too green and hard, so will let the others ripen for a few weeks.

We have about four Suncrisp on the tree, but they aren’t ready yet.

We tried one pear from our supposed Orient tree, but it does not look like an Orient from pics I’ve seen. It looks more like a Kieffer, and after tasting it, it seems like it may be that variety, unfortunately. Gritty with a tough skin, and not very sweet. Not bad, but not that great, either.

Because of some odd reason, my four peach trees had virtually no blooms this year, and we ended up with one golf ball sized Redhaven, which wasn’t that good.


Had a handful of figs. I really enjoy these.


Among other things I ate today, it included this unidentified Japanese plum (or pluot). It was a large, late ripening (8/30), heart shape plum.

The flesh was red. It was sweet and juicy. Skin and flesh around the pit was sour. It was cling stone. Wish someone could tell me what plum/pluot this was.



We have a lot in common. We both have issues with self restraint😂 I’d eat the whole jackfruit too!


I can and have eaten a whole (or two) durians, kilos of lychees, jackfruit, mangosteens, in one sitting. :smile:


That doesn’t look like Homey Punch to me. This was 25 brix. DWN has harvest July 29th-August 14 in Fresno area.


Ambarella fruits.


Enjoying my figs: "LSU strawberry’, ‘Violette de Bordeaux’ and a mystery fig found via fallingfruit.org. Also had some frozen raspberries harvested earlier this summer.


I had my first pawpaws today from my own trees! These were sent to me bare-root from the late, great Jerry Lehman back in 2016. He said they were seedlings from “improved” stock. I have only had wild fruits before, and compared to them these are way bigger, with fewer seeds, and maybe a bit sweeter. They are definitely keepers!