What fruits did you eat today?


When in doubt, I check Fedco for pics and description. The shape is similar to mine but the flesh is not. It is supposed to have yellow flesh like @Paul mentioned. Mine is not yellow flesh.


You are right.my superior has yellow flash and very soft and juicy when filly ripe


Superior flesh is similar in color to the Toka in my pic earlier in this thread: What fruits did you eat today?
Some shade of either amber, orange or yellow. Has a distinctive flavor similar to Toka, but probably better.
Also, the Parfume de September graft you sent me last year has a few plums on it. I guess they are just about ready. Thanks!


Mine probably is not Superior!!!
Mirabelle grows on me. It’s like eating candies.

@ztom, when Parfume ripen, they turn from green to muted yellow. They also fall off the tree.

My excuse for not mowing my lawn that often is to allow grass to cushion fallen fruit. Small fruit like Mirabelles do not bruise by the fall.

You will be happy with its productivity, too…


We’ve eaten these for the past few days including today.
Left to right:
Arctic Star: sweet white nectarines
Mirabelle de Nancy and Parfume de Septembre: Nancy is a tad larger, both sweet. Can’t tell the difference.
Easterglo nectarine: blend of tartness and sweetness (more on a tart side) yellow nectarines


How sweet were the Arctic Star? I know they are from a graft, what’s the root stock of the main tree? Lovell?


It was grafted on a branch of Easternglo.
Can’t recall what rootstock Easternglo is on.

I will need to measure the brix of Arctic Star later. I am on the road now. Arctic Star usually is very sweet with no hint of acid. Some people love it for that. Others don’t like it because of that.


I love it, together with the Zephyr, they are my top rated white nectarines…



Well, today I tasted an apple I have waited 6 years for! By far the longest an apple tree in my orchard ever took to produce. It’s probably the most common and hyped up apple out there- Honeycrisp. I’d had store bought ones but this guy was off my tree. Perfectly ripe and HUGE. Most importantly, though, I really want you to all know that this is a case where I THINK the apple lived up to the hype!!! This truly was one of the, if not the, best apples I’ve ever eaten in my life! I loved the sweetness, I loved the texture, I even loved the very large size. In short, for me honeycrisp lived up to its great reputation, and I’m not a big apple lover. Honeycrisp is just a wonderful apple and I can’t wait to get more next year!


Not sure how I missed this, but I just wanted to tell you what beautiful fruit you have there and I think those perfect nects are something to be proud of! I find nectarines to be harder to grow for some reason. In my orchard the bugs definitely hit them harder than peaches. I’ve always suspect maybe my sprays - even though I use a sticker- might wash off the nectarines and their slick skin easier and faster than on peaches when it rains. Stands to reason the fine hairs on peaches hold on to the things I spray on them better than the slick skin nects, but that is just a theory with no real evidence to prove it other than my nects certainly get more pest problems than my peaches. That is a long way of saying I think you should be proud to have such beautiful nectarines.


With about 4 Indar spray,(double from last year), I still got 60% rot on my nects, mostly on the stem ends.

Nects have almost no stem. Fruit hang so tightly against branches. Fungicide can’t get to that area.


Wild local grown paw paw. Tony, how is yours?


My aunt and uncle flew up from Florida and brought me some fruit from their backyard. Some dried bananas they made, dragon fruit, and sugar apples! They know the sort of presents I like. They got to eat figs, raspberries, and Asian pears in exchange.


Love sugar apples. I take it over its relatives cherimoya and the rest.

Would your aunt and uncle consider adopt an older niece?


I am very fortunate to have generous relatives. They do not need many worldly possessions and give much away to the community.

Speaking of cherimoya, I got one for free the other day. There was no code and the cashier had no idea what it was so he just gave it to me. I even tried to explain what it was. I agree that it isn’t as good compared to sugar apple according to my taste buds, but it’s a good substitute when auntie and uncle aren’t in town to deliver sugar apples.


I do not like the taste of cherimoya and like its texture even less.

We have cherimoya in Thailand for ages. It never gets the love from consumers. Never become marketable. Only on the fringe.


Come to think of it, I’ve never seen cherimoya in Viet Nam. I can’t see it ever being popular either since sugar apple is very easy to grow. Atemoya was recently introduced via Thailand and is also becoming very popular because it gets so large. They flavor is similar enough to sugar apple and the texture is meatier which appeals to many people’s tastebuds.


must be nice having relatives who understand your love of fruit. I’ve never tasted Cherimoya or Sugar Apple. THere is a new international store in Nashville that I keep meaning to go to- I am hoping they will have a lot of unusual fruits!

BTW, the pear tree you gave me barely grew all summer, then all of a sudden in the last 2-3 weeks it has taken off! I fertilized it, then it rained so that was perfect. THe weather has also cooled off a little and of course the roots have established themselves a bit more by now I suspect. All these things came together and have really sent the tree into a growth phase. That being said, it is all in the form of just one big long central leader that is sending out no scaffolds so far. I keep thinking I probably should pinch the top 1/2 inch off to encourage spreading but I hate to slow it back down. Oh well…my point is the tree is finally growing…I still appreciate it! Let me know if you want some more persimmon seeds this year to try again. I feel like I got the better end of that trade my friend!


This is most likely a Honey Punch Pluot.At around 15-16 brix,was okay.Maybe next time it will be sweeter.bb