What fruits did you eat today?


My superior plums disappeared over night😭


This image is not too appealing but anyway… Poppy Wonder (left) and Zari (right). Poppy is an obscure apple from Vancouver Island, I got it out of curiosity and I was not impressed (I need to note it was a bit overripe). Zari on the other hand was not fully ripe but had coddling moth damage and fell to the ground. I can see it’s gonna be a winner. Crunchy, juicy, sweet and with a tart kick to it, exactly the way I like apples.


Easton Purple, and Fico Preto.


Went to visit a friend who is commercial farmer and had my 1st Sweetango. It’s funny how all the new apples taste similar. Is the pulp dense and crunchy? Is it sweet? Lets make it a club


I agree with you. It seems like all the “club” apples taste the same or very similar to me. Nothing sticks out to me as a WOW apple.


Shiro, right? I was overseas for a couple weeks while they reached and went past their prime. So I bought a steam juicer and made 7 quarts of juice from about 2.5 gallons of whole fruit. It was very easy.

Brix started out around 14 and the extracted juice was around 12, so dilution from steam wasn’t as bad as I expected. I added about 1/2 cup of sugar per quart to bring it up to about 18 brix if I remember correctly and then use that maybe 1:1 or more diluted with ice water or soda for a refreshing drink.

The skin imparted some bitterness, nowhere near grapefruit juice. Seems like a good replacement for white cranberry juice cocktail or maybe like the old Juice Squeeze passion fruit mango soda. Not that the taste could be mistaken for them, but similar appeal.


Great. I never think about steam juicer. I might need one later. Thank for information Murky.


Here also, I am still eating my June bearing strawberries, and the raspberries are just finished.


The beetles and the squirrels left me only one small Elephant Heart plum so I picked it unripe. I don’t know how they took the plums but left some of the wrapping in tact around the branches.


where online do you get dripping honey variety?


I bought mine at Gurney’s, but you can graft your own too.


Superior plum finally dropped its first fruit today. Very juicy with brix at 17. It was larger than Shiro.

I also ate my first Pearl plum (brix 21) and Mirabelle plum ( Parfume de Septembre (brix 20). The last two I forgot to take pics. They tasted better than a hybrid Superior.


it looks beautiful! how does the dripping honey taste compared to other asian pears?


Tippy, I grafted Pearl to my O’Henry peach tree this year. Graft took well. I am looking forward to giving it a try as well.


Is it really Superior? Shouldn’t it have yellowish mango like flesh? I don’t have it anymore but mine did.


Agree with Paul. Shape looks wrong too.


I will pick another one tomorrow. Will post a pic. Somtimes lighting could be off. I thought the shape was right.

Would youmind posting pics of your Superior?


Never took pictures, but this year crop has been gone about a month.
Mine look like these in the link below.


AppleDine (blended apples and muscadine) fried pies. The grands and I tried these for the first time and they were asking for more. Taste somewhat like pie cherries but with a more complex flavor. Sorry but they were gone before I could take any pictures.


Isn’t Superior very juicy also?bb