What fruits did you eat today?


Frost peach.


What is tasted like? Good sweet peach or not?


I knocked this Drippin Honey pear off while doing yard work. The seeds were just starting to turn brown so not quite at its prime but it was still sweet and juicy. Pretty good results considering it was only planted last year. Thankfully there are a few more on the tree for me to try in a few more weeks.


Malus sieversii #2 from Cummins Nursery. This was the first time I had tasted this apple. It was very light, much lighter than you would expect for an apple this size. The texture was firm but also very light - unusual, but very nice. The flavor was mild but pleasant with a hint of lemon. A very refreshing apple for a summer day. I wish I had more.


It’s sweet and sour balance flavor very good to me. I always refer to eat peaches and Nectarines still firm unripe stage better than too soft. We have not much choice for peach trees in PCN. Frost and Indian Free peaches are the best choices here Annie.


The last of my Spice Zee Nectaplums.Nice flavor at about 15-18 brix.bb


@californicus, I have not tasted enough yet to be sure, but so far CC has been my favorite. I have yet to try Black Mederia, Preto, Capoll Curt Negra, White Mederia, Thermalito, I 258, Martineca rimada, and other fine figs yet. Looks like I will be trying them soon though, can’t wait. Of the ones I have tried, CC, Hative de Argentuil, Igo, Unk Pastillere, Socorro black, Dessert King, CDDN, Bourjasotte Gris, Strawberry Verte, VDB, Panache, RLBV, and Emalyns Purple in no particular order are all excellent top tier figs here in Sacramento. The worst figs have been Malta black, kids won’t even eat them! This fig is better in cooler climates I have heard. I am still searching for honey and sugar figs I like. I have had good Kadota figs that taste like carmel/ molasses. I prefer the intense berry figs with a lot going on.


Yeah, this seems pretty early for Contenders. I’m in Northeast Ohio and my Contenders are still hard. In fact, I just picked my Redhavens about four days ago. I’ve been trying to eat as many fresh Redhavens as possible, but I had to give in and can some the other day.


Toka and Superior plums. Both excellent at 17 brix. My Superiors are done but Toka are just starting to ripen. Both of these are becoming favorites. I love these plums!! They don’t seem to store well so you have to eat them fast.





Local chanterelles Mushrooms.


This summer has been unusual: rain every week or every other, & generally .1" or more each time. Temps have been cooler thereby & Winekist came ripe later than ever, July 31. 12 Brix except for a couple that had caterpillar damage, at 14 Brix. Had a worm damaged Winekist last night. It hung on the tree until picked with the rest, definitely sweeter without measuring. Great berry flavor and tartness to match.

BTW, I made a pie with four Winekist & one Cripp’s Pink a week ago - winner!


Those peaches look really good. Nice canned peaches. I had a lot more Contender peaches last year and made peach preserves out of them since they ripen just about all at the same time. My peaches ripened about the same time last year as this year.


Our own grown in pots very sweet but little watery.


Seneca hybrid plum.


After a month break in harvest, the raspberries have been starting back up again. I’ve been getting this much a day for the past week or so, mainly from Prelude and Joan J. It’s smoothies every day!


Today, I have a banana with orange juice, we know how healthy it is for health.:yum:
If one can not able to eat an apple daily then eat two banana each day, it actually the same.


I only had 2 Superior plums this year. I only have one graft left of it on K1 and it didn’t put on a whole lot of growth this year. They aren’t ripe yet here. Everything seems very late around these parts. Did pick a whole bowl of Lavina plums.t.he clear winner in hardiness and yield (grafted on p Americana).


It actually looks so fresh.:yum:


My superior has not ripened yet either. But it starts to turn the color


Superior hybrid plum in Seattle.