What fruits did you eat today?


@Stan never would have thought that was a Howard miracle as well. I believe murky had told me he had one around the 9th. So when I went out to my tree yesterday I saw one a lot redder than the others. Barely put any pressure on it and it came off. I sure hope my tree goes into full production soon. Really good,


My third leaf Zestar tree has had 3 fruit high up on the trunk. When I was mowing in the orchard today, I noticed there was just one left. I found one in the weeds under the tree, don’t know how it dropped. It had some rot on the top, maybe from bird damage, but was still a big apple, a bit bigger than tennis ball size. It also had a bit of flyspeck on it.

Since it’s probably the right time to harvest them, I brought that one to the house, cut away the rot and quartered it up. It had a tart zing to it, a little bit sweet and still pretty firm, but maybe a bit past its prime, prob because it dropped a few days ago.
I’m going to pick the last one in a few days to see if it’s better, but I’m happy with the first one.


I assume my VDB is the same as Negronne from One Green World, but can’t be sure. I got it propagated from a local fruit enthusiast. We are within easy driving distance of One Green World.


Are you saying that Hative de Argentuil has a very early breba crop and a very late main crop (December) ?


If I remember correctly it had the earliest breba and main crop and was the latest fig last year as well. I would recommend grafting this one though as it suffers from FMV like White Mederia #1. So early breba, main, and late crop as well, 3 crops.


Apriums - Part plum and part apricot. Tasted like a plum to me. Skin was a little fussy and thicker than a plum. Not sure about apricot since don’t remember ever eating one fresh. It was good. Mellow taste.


Very refreshing summer treat


Greengage Plum.


Is it sweet as it was said?


Yes it’s very sweet . Brix above 20 for sure.


A Broken Heart Plum from a graft on a Nectarine tree.My first time trying.
I wasn’t sure about the ripening time,so when pulled this morning,the fruit was rather soft.The brix was about 19 and had a liqueur flavor,because of the late picking.
In the future, this should be a decent fruit.bb


This are pictures of Marcia from my friend. You are right, not quite like yours


Poly White Peach: Picked these today 08-08-19. They were very good.


My Mom is here visiting and she wanted some fresh peaches so we drove up to an orchard in the Portsmouth, OH area and picked these up. The smaller ones are Contenders, the larger ones are Canadian Harmony, and don’t know what the nectarines were. Pretty fruit.

The nect we tried was pretty good, somewhat sweet. Me and my wife tried one on the Contender’s, it was okay, not really sweet.

They’re also growing 30 something apple varieties, but none were available yet. A couple of them are the new Honeycrisp/Fuji crosses, one is Evercrisp, which some of y’all might’ve heard of. The other one is called Summerset, which is supposedly an easier to grow version of HC, it ripens about the same time. Evercrisp ripens in late October.

I got to chat to the owner, he was talking about how difficult it is to grow Honeycrisp, he mentioned he gets a lot of bitter pit, so he has to give the trees a lot of calcium to counter it. He said quite a few of them are starting to rot, don’t know if it’s related. Anyway, he said he’s trying these two HC crosses, and would like to maybe get rid of his HC trees. He’s the second orchard owner I’ve talked to that’s had a very difficult time growing them.


The Contenders I grew this year, and the other three years, are all very sweet and juicy. I am not sure why their Contenders were not sweet. I’m in SW Ohio.


It might be because they may have picked them a bit early? Maybe the others are better. The kid who works there that I was talking to said they had a good year for peaches, they mostly avoided any late freezes. As did we, but basically no blooms.

The orchard is called Fuhrmann’s in Wheelersburg.


I am going to be asking you the same question for all your fruits one by one, but for now what are your fav figs so far? :slight_smile: and if possible, what are your favs under berry, honey and sugar figs categories. I am assuming CC under berry figs?


Today i eat my first Baya Marisa apple. It was small but the others in the tree are medium size. I like it very much! It was tangy like a grany smith but a bit more sweet. It’s very red flesh!


I purchased the last Honey Blaze Nectarine from the local farmers market,one week ago.The fruit stayed in a refrigerator til today.
I wasn’t expecting much,but the thing almost tasted like a Mango.Now I know a little,why fruitnut likes these.bb


Now we’re talking real fruit. I’d give this two likes if I could…lol