What fruits did you eat today?


We had no room in the car :frowning:

Will have room on the trip back. By then, it will be from Boyer nursery.


I didn’t eat them yet but these fresh fruit will be purchased shortly after I check into my hotel down the street. I went to New York City to visit friends for a long weekend and the fruit markets always give me another reason to come back.


Yellow Japanese plums .


Peaches: Baby Crawford, Snow Beauty
Plum: Burgundy


Got to taste some amazing new figs today!


Can you rank them. Craven’s Craving looked real good.



Tony, these were all excellent figs and this is the first time trying CC, SB,and Igo. My son and I ate them and we both liked the CC the best, followed by Igo, unk pastilere , and SB. The CC has a very intense deep berry flavor with a honey syrup and a really pleasing lingering flavor similar to VDB but better. I should have given the CC another day but I didn’t want it to spoil like my Galacia Negra a few days ago.


Are these breba figs? Do you have a picture of the outside of CC. You got my attention when you said they are better than my favorite, VDB.


There are huge differences in the taste and size of loquats. I ate some pretty disgusting ones and some that were amazing. I just got a whole bag of some random ones and had to throw them away (several pounds). If you like the one from your friend go ahead and graft it, looks delicious


Murky, these are main crop figs and here is a pic of that CC on a scale. I really like VDB but these are heavenly!


First ever Howard miracle plum off of a fourth year tree. Really like them better than shiro. Skin not tart and a nice plum flavor, juicy but not to much. Where as shiro is so one sided flavor wise Howard miracle is a definite keeper. If it is shy bearer I might just put a couple of limbs on my shiro.


I usually pick Howard Miracle plums when they become dark purple. The production will pick up, it’s a very strong bearer. The tree will also produce larger fruit as it matures.


I would have never guessed the dark plum is Howards’s Miracle. I only ate them at the orange/pinkish stage like fullplate. Very good plum indeed.


If left on the tree they darken gradually with purple color covering more and more surface until only a small orange spot remains on the side opposite to the sun. The darker the skin the sweeter the flesh, but some juiciness is lost, so it’s a trade-off.


looks like coffeecake persimmon? or maru?


I think they were coffee cake/ nishimura wase. The maru I ate weren’t as flat but I could be wrong about that.


I will definitely get some scionwood from the local loquat that produced the fruit I tasted. I ate them with the skin on, which seemed comparable to peach skin which I generally eat as well. The guy told me people peel them, but i didn’t prefer them that way.

I bought some scions from a selected seedling in from a place in California with a webpage that had them on offer.


My breba VBD are just ripening now. The main crop usually doesn’t ripen before fall coolness and rain ruin them.

When does CC ripen compared to VBD?


@murky where did you get your vdb fig, was it locally? I was thinking of negronne from one green world.


Murky, my VDB tree is my oldest fig tree, 8 years old and is loaded with figs. The CC is on a multi graft tree with maybe 5 branches. I believe I have eaten maybe 4 ripe VDB before this CC and we are talking a few days. Everything is about 2 weeks behind here due to a cooler summer here. There are 3 more CC turning color and should be ripe by this weekend. There are a lot more VDB on that tree turning color but the tree has 10 times more figs than the graft. CC may not be good for your area though if you can’t get main crop VDB. I would look at Hative de Argentuil. Of my collection of around 50 figs, it is the earliest and one of the best eating. It is also the last fig I harvested last year on December 10th. Pics are of HDA fig.