What fruits did you eat today?


Is that from your tree? Why in the tags picture it’s should be bright golden yellow color @Bradybb ?


Yes,my tree.The picture was taken in dim light.Golden yellow is an accurate description.bb


Early apples are ripe


Mike, which were the best eating?


Mantet is choice but, did have one blight strike on a stem.

July Red is good.

I am growing out some modern verities from Purdue university that may be better.


Sweet treat and Sugar twist pluerries.


Nadia Cherry Plum . ( Seattle )


I know everyone puts it down but my fourth year shiro has about 50 on it tried a few with my wife she was blown away wanted more. Never heard that before from her, had a couple for myself I liked them, for a plum that is first to ripen of the year I give it a thumbs up. Have about three Howard’s miracle on the tree wonder how they’ll taste.




I only managed to fruit three plums this year. Methley, Shiro, and Toka. Toka is not ripe yet but for me Shiro was much superior to Methley. I thought it was excellent.


I had a limb of Korean Giant threatening to break from the heavy load. These pears are pushing my Ziploc bags to and beyond their limit. I know these pears are suppose to be a late ripening pear but they were extremely sweet and still crunchy. I saved a couple to share with my grands tonight.

Golden Boy. I haven’t taste tested it yet.


I didn’t eat them all.
Center: Raja
A couple of Le Conte
A couple of Golden Boy
A couple of Shin Li


Not as ripe as they should be, but I’ll be out of town for a bit and there are plenty more for later.

Petite negra


Shiro are good when picked at the right time, some of my relatives really like them because I gave them the best. However, in my experience they are not good when very ripe.


I got some fresh Florida Longan
They are refreshing.



Well, I harvested my first apple off all the trees we planted 2-3 years ago. My Alkmene tree on G11 had set about 5 fruit this year, but unfortunately only one was left. The others were either pilfered, or got some kind of rot, so they weren’t edible.

The one I picked today didn’t look great, looks like a bird or yellowjackets had hollowed out part of it, and a smaller part had some rot. Its size was about golf ball sized. Anyway, I cut away the bad parts and tried it, it was pretty tart, but a little bit sweet, and crunchy. It didn’t brown when cut. Had a few other flavors, a bit aromatic. Its seeds were dark brown, so I guess it was close enough to being ripe.

My Zestar has two fruit on it, and one is quite red, prob because it gets lots of sun. I think it should be ready within a couple weeks. Local orchards in this area are picking theirs now.

My Suncrisp has 4 apples on it, but those prob won’t be ready for at least another 6 weeks or so.

There are 4 Liberty and 6 Grimes Golden on other trees. The Libs are maybe half red, and about three inches in diameter, and the Grimes are turning darker yellow, and are getting some russetting. They are about golf ball sized. I think these two varieties have about a month to go?

When do y’all usually pick your Liberty and Grimes Golden?


These are Marcia’s Flavor Pluots(it said Favorite on the scion bag at the exchange).
My first time trying and I can see why the lady liked them.At just under 25 brix,they have a sweet,spicy flavor.
The one cut in half,was getting a little soft,maybe bad on one side,so it was picked.The other two are still hanging.
I also tried for the first time a Mid Pride Peach.At 12 brix,possibly not the right match for this area.bb

Edit-New Information-After looking around online,I changed my opinion about the identity of this one.
First of all,the patent states that the flesh is yellow and the ripening time in Hickman,CA is the first weeks of August,according to a Dave Wilson Nursery chart.They are about a month or more ahead of my area.
The closest I can guess is,this might be Flavorosa,which matches more in color and ripening time description.
My apologies to those who I sent scions to,but it is a flavorful fruit.bb

List your unknown fruit

Mid Pride peach
Saturn peach (not the donut variety)
Peachy Keen peach
Panamint nectarine
Inca plum
Methley plum
“World’s Best” mulberry
Pakistan mulberry
Tango mandarin
Strawberry Verte fig

All from plants in my yard.

Inca plum was the best of the lot. Pakistan mulberry and Saturn peach were contenders.


John Boy peach. Got them from the Breacknock Farm in Mohnton, PA per @PharmerDrewee’s suggestion (Thanks, Drew).

We did not do PYO but walk through their impressive rows after rows of peaches and apples.

Tasted 5 peaches including Red Haven, White Lady and John Boy. JB was, by far, better tasting than the other four. Good balance of sweet with some acid. Other family members agreed.

The variety peaks my interest now.


I’m glad you were able to find a better stone fruit this time around. That place is fun because they can tell you what exactly you’re eating unlike at most markets. Their PYO is great too because I can find that perfectly soft, ripe peach. Getting them all the way to the car without bruising can be hard though!