What fruits did you eat today?


PAF Blackberries, blueberries, IE mulberries, Celeste figs, cherries (store bought of course since I live in the south), Lane muscadine, Li jujube (not quite ripe).


Dwarf Namwah bananas, Emerald Drop plot, Methley plum, Deino apricot, Tropic Gold apricot, Saturn peach, and Mid Pride peach.


These are from top to bottom:Black Ice Plum,Honey Punch Pluot(could be Splash),Kuban Comet Plum and Raspberry Red Nectarine.

I liked the Black Ice,first time trying.Somewhat tart skin with good flavored flesh.
The Honey Punch(Splash most likely) is also a new one for me,was laying on the ground.At about 17 brix,the flavor was tangy.20 might be really nice.
Kuban Comet was not much at 10 brix.
The Nectarine was hanging in a protective organza bag for maybe a day or two and was staring to wrinkle.It had that deep,almost bitter flavor that they get from being over ripe,but okay at 15 brix.bb


White Currant .


First Nadia.


I got one Kuban Comet yesterday as well. Mine was only about 10 brix also. I’ll keep the graft going since it is supposed to be about as bullet proof as plums get for my conditions, but as of now it is in the “mediocre” category. Maybe with less rain it can get to 14 brix which seems to be where I start to really enjoy plums.


Au Rosa plum from a container grown tree. 20 brix. As good as I need a Japanese plum to be. My container grown trees bloom early in the garage so I don’t know if it would normally be this early.


Picked the first Robada today. It was firm. Had sweetness to it but not fully ripened yet. Brix was 16. I like this variety. Hopefully, it will be ready later this coming week.


Pearls and rubies!


Yes .
My kids like jam from them.


like pink diamonds and some rubys! :wink:


First peaches of the year. Picked a little underripe but were on the ground. It looks like another bumper crop of these, especially after days of heat and sun. They look fabulous and there are probably 250 of them. Don’t want to jinx it.
I also can’t believe how many blackberries grew this year. They need picking daily. Told my wife to start freezing some for the winter.


Black Velvet Aprium bought at Costo. Most flavor was in the skin. Flesh was bland.


I think we’re beginning to form some consensus on Beauty. I suggest to try cooking (with sugar) next.


It turns out I’ve got a handful of Nadia on my tree for the first time this year too. They are huge (for being mixed with cherry). They aren’t fully ripe yet but there is distinct, unmistakable, but weak red sweet cherry flavor in the background.


With a more wet than dry condition in the east coast, Beauty is at risk of being more watery than not. The positives its productivity (set like crazy) and large size (even with numerous fruit). The negative is taste and that’s a biggie. What’s the point of growing a fruit that taste like water with a bit of sugar in it?

On the other hand, something like Satsuma is small (mine were small) but has more concentrated sweetness and taste to it. I would not grow Beauty is a place where rain is common.


I completely agree with you about Beauty. I don’t understand why some people seem to love it (non fruit growers).

It is good cooked, surprisingly. The jam has a full flavor. Must be some chemical reactions, not just mixing of flavors.


I only have two grafts so I won’t have enough fruit to make jam. Eating it fresh is not worth growing for me.


Information said Nadia fruits are smaller than plum and bigger than cherry. My Nadia this year very big size . I think they probably about 80 to 90 gram each fruit. They are still firm and not ready for harvesting yet. The Nadia picture above was a small one and bees made holes on it for juice that why i took it to inside. It’s very tasty between sweet and sour and something different than totally plum in flavor to me. I will not bag any fruits hopefully squirrels will not take them for their foods this year.


Splash Pluot,another first try.At about 16 brix,the flavor is like mild citrus and Pineapple.bb