What fruits did you eat today?


Blackberries everyday…


More Kiwi Gold and Jewel today, sooo Good the black raspberries a beginning to sweeten. They aren’t really good until they are black.


Good grief what a fig!!! Nicely done, Drew!


Flavor Supreme, truly amazing flavor and sweetness… Too bad it’s a stingy setter and highly prone to cracking… My third leaf tree is 12’ high, has three scaffolds and set nine fruits only, five of them cracked after heavy rain, and because of the high sugars mould starts growing on the cracks pretty quickly… Sadly, this tree is probably destined to top-working…


Early Laxton Plums. 13-14 brix. Not bad, but a little watered down from all of our rain this spring/summer. We’ve recently had a week of good weather, but since June 1st we’ve had about 10 inches of rain. Still have a few dozen hanging on the tree.

Avalon Pride peach. My earliest peach. I had about 10 on the tree. They were still hard but had colored up and were a little bit aromatic. Yesterday, I decided to pick half before getting hammered by rain today. I’ll let them soften for a few days, but I tried one while still crunchy. 14 brix and good flavor. Hopefully the others don’t crack while on the tree.


I think at this point of growth, peaches won’t crack from rain but they will swell up and taste diluted.


Harken Pecah harvested today. Not too sweet but intense flavor.


Beauty plum. Watery with sour skin and overall unimpressed.


First Geo Pride Pluot this season.Somewhat soft when squeezing and so I picked the fruit.Only about 15 brix,nothing great.
With more heat coming,that should help.bb


Early Golden plum. 14 brix. Tasted good after a bike ride on a hot evening. I don’t need a whole tree of these but it is a nice early plum. I’ll keep grafting other varieties onto my EG tree but I’ll leave several branches as is. Hope I get a few more next year.


Verry Cherry Plum.


What store and how is the flavor?bb


I bought it in QFC today 7.19.19 most of time keep them in room temperature for a couple days before tasting. They are very tasty , sweet pleasant… in flavor to me . That’s why more and more people like them every year . You should get them and tasting again @Bradybb .


Plum time!
An old variety and Rainha Cláudia


Farmer’s market local Bing and Rainier cherries. 25 to 31 brix.


Triple crown blackberry.


Two Williams Favorite apples picked today off my tree. This is the first year of fruiting for that tree.


Ate few Lane muscadines today. I really like the taste sweet/crunchy/edible skin but it does have seed. Taste a little like the old seeded concord to me.


Those are nice looking apples.


Thanks! “The farmer plants the seed, but the Lord makes it grow.”

I hope to get quite a few more than two from the tree next year, now that it’s bearing fruit.