What fruits did you eat today?


Thank-you, Annie. I had no idea the donut peaches would be so much sweeter than other peaches. After 8 years of failures and a long, hard learning curve, this is the year I’m finally getting a little success and enjoying the “fruits of my labor”. I’ve gotten to taste several fruits for the first time this year, which is fun, but I still have so much to learn!




Anonas :slight_smile:


Blueberry elderberry wine jelly. The elderberry wine was made from my elderberries from last year. Rhubarb red currant jelly made from fruit from my garden.


Sounds so exciting! You are making a wonderful decision. I’ve only been to Nice, Cannes and Eze. All beautiful places. Seems like a lifetime ago.

Enjoy France!!


It was a big day, first official peach harvest with greater than 1 peach. My parents even drove up to have a few!


My first gold raspberries ‘Kiwi Gold’. Always a winner!


Black Gold and White Gold cherries.


Had my first enjoyable dragonfruit today. Now I believe people who say they can be delicious. This was yellow-skinned with white flesh. They were $8/lb at local asian market.

I guess the one’s I’ve had here and in Thailand up to this have been the Red Delicious of pitaya.

The flavor wasn’t that complex, but it was very sweet and did have some flavor.


I ate homegrown strawberries, raspberries, white wild strawberries, and my first 2 tiny red plums.


Does Hesse taste “horrible” underripe simply due to tartness? I enjoy tart fruit and am debating adding this variety but if it’s the flavor that’s bad I will reconsider. Thanks


The mangoes I bought last weekend is now dried mango . I dehydrated them with drops of lemon juice. Yummy. And I am going to plant the seeds too.


This will probably be the biggest fig I eat this year. Here is a Longue d’Aout breba. The insides turned into a delicious jammy syrup.


Apricots. Waited until they fell off the tree. Really good.




First jewel black raspberry. They are the favorites of birds for some reason. They don’t eat regular raspberries but love these. The one I tried was way too sour and not black enough. No flavor.


I have Jewel as well. Birds like them. Our dog loves them but, I agree, not much flavor.


Ate my first Shiro plum yesterday and it was really good. I definitely preferred it to Methley.


Ate Montmorency cherries,right off the tree,for breakfast-good thing i did,too. The racoons came in and took what was left.


Pineapple guava was being sold at the big box store. Tastes great, seeds are annoying.

My kids begged me to buy them a coconut as well, so we will be hammering that open shortly. I had them pick the heaviest one with the most audible liquid in it. Not sure if that is the right way to pick a coconut but I went on instinct! Lots of tropicals at the big box right now.