What fruits did you eat today?


Sounds delicious. Thanks!


Washington cherries are on sale and ripe! I’ve been eating them for 2 days now. never can have enough of them! i can just imagine how they taste tree ripened!


Mangosteen and Rambutan .


Cascade the best of what I have.




I saw those at a Safeway store the other day for about $2 a pound.bb


In Asian markets $.99/ pound. I bought big one $30 . Pick the one with very good smell and soft. ( use stove heat up knife and clean it with cooking oil with napkins Brady )


Had my first ever fresh loquat yesterday. (not to be confused with kumquat which I don’t like) Delicious, I will definitely grow them now.

Should have taken a picture of the inside. Wouldn’t guess its a pome fruit if I didn’t know to look at the signs.


You nead a good variety…


How are their performing in the areas here? Where can we buy loquat fruits here?


These were grown nearby on a tree that my coworker inherited with the property. It’s almost certainly a seedling, and probably not another source of pollen, so at least partially self-fruitful.

I think he says it makes at least a couple fruit most years and occasionally does better. That’s probably similar to apricots, but hopefully the overall tree health will be better.

I’m hoping I can get some scion wood from him since this has proven to make good fruit at least occasionally.

If there are known, good-fruited and late blooming or varieties that otherwise fruit even after cold winter weather, please let me know where I can get them.

Vincent, if I knew where to buy fresh loquat fruit locally, I would have tasted them a long time ago. Please share if you find something.


These mangoesteens looks really good.


Wild mulberry pie. We have been picking wild mulberries for few years. Most they are eaten raw while picking. Rest of them are converted into mulberry pies. Occasionally we would also make some mulberry jam.


Nice looking pie!

Thanks to everyone who recommended Kent mangoes, they had them at costco today and turns out, they are the mangoes of my dreams :heart_eyes: no stringiness at all! They also had cotton candy grapes. :two_hearts:


My very first donut Peaches! Not sure the exact type since the tree came from a big box store and simply said “White donut Peach”. But they are white flat peaches so I’m happy with this outcome!

Why didn’t anyone tell me how good these are!!! I honestly thought these were just sort of a gimmick- that they mostly were just grown because of their unusual shape. It was only after I tasted my first ones today and went and read about them that I’m finding out they are known to be sweeter than most other peaches-even other whites. And mine sure are…they are just unbelievably delicious! THIS is why I grow fruit! Sometimes when I finally taste a fruit I’m disappointed, but times like this it is a wonderful surprise!


Probably a Saturn. I love Saturn donut peaches.


The birds saved me some Montmorency cherries which I ate from the tree this afternoon. They were so good. I am taking my last tours of my dear 14 year old orchard as the house will close on the 26th. The new owners want to keep the orchard. I have now had my chemicals removed, however. I loved those trees and knew each one so well, much of it due to this fabulous forum. If I sound a bit sappy, I am. The next leap is to the south of France in a month and a half. Holding my breath and jumping into the pool. You will hear from me before I leave. I hope you make me a Foreign Correspondant. Xxoo Mrs. G


They look so yummy. What zone u live in.


Thanks. I’m right on the line of zone 6b and 7. I loose stone fruits to late frosts pretty often, including most of my trees this year, but if I make it past that I have a good climate here for most things. I see you are in zone 6b also. You might consider putting what state you are in on your profile because most people always look for that. Happy fruiting.

@mrsg47 I can’t imagine having to leave all my trees behind, and my orchard is only about 8 years old. It would be a lot more painful if the new owner was going to cut your trees, so hopefully that will help you. Can I just say how neat it is that you are moving to another country at this stage of your life. I only wish I had the courage to do something so adventurous. I have no real excuse not to, but it would take a lot of courage to do something so bold. Movies like Under the Tuscan Sun, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Out of Africa, and the like have always appealed to me and made me want to do exactly what you are doing. I hope you find great happiness as an expat in your new home! We’ll expect regular reports


Kevin, such nice looking peaches. I really can’t help but drooling