What fruits did you eat today?


For last two days i was having the best mangoes (chonsa) in the world. We have to drive from pittsburgh to toronto to get these mangoes.


Elberta peaches. First decent peach year here in forever, and may never get another one . . . so I’m putting them away! Will have homemade wild black raspberry ice cream later this afternoon—that counts, right? :slightly_smiling_face:


First ever youngberry. I like it a lot. Taste is a Cross between red raspberry and a red grape.
Its a low grower, spreads horizontally. Was a random find, glad i grabbed em


I’m often in Toronto, where do you buy them from?


Pink and red currants. Not enough to make preserves with, but really yummy on french toast. The seeds are less bothersome this way than on their own. And syrup helps the flavor, as it does with most things. :grin:


From grocery, I bought a case of Kent mango last night for $2.99. I cut one open for breakfast. Wow, almost as good as the mango I had in southeast asian. Very sweet and no track of fiber. I went back this morning to the grocery store bought 4 more cases. Also the Ranieri cherry is on sale for $2.49/lb and Bing Cherry for $1.49/lb. Can’t beat the price, I bought couple of pounds of both. Not bad but not as flavorful as last year’s. Washington state must have had a lot of rain this year


Are mango bigger this year, or is it just me? I have seen some massive ones!


yes, these are huge and heavy. I think this variety Kent, set large fruits . I buy red Tommy mangos 10pcs/case. This one only fits 6. This type of mango, most of times, I saw in grocery store was green and unripe so I have never bothered to buy . I have too many bad mango experience. But I am glad I finally tried and it turned out to be the best supermarket mangoes I had so far.


My first Caroline red raspberries. A tiny bit sour and tart. Sugar has not yet set in, but I could pick four and give two to my dog.


I avoid the Tommy Atkins mango. It’s nice and red but very fibery. That stuff gets stuck in my teeth. Kent and Keitt mangoes have a much better texture but they lack color. A lot of mango varieties out there are actually ripe when green.


You are right. I have to floss after eating mangos. I don’t have much luck getting decent ripe mangos very often. The Kent mangoes I bought are nicely ripe ones, very rare occasion . I love its creamy texture and sweetness. And its price too.


Ate my first Arctic Star nectarines from my second leaf potted tree, on Citation. Great flavor! Brix on two that I measured was 16 and 18. I left 20 fruits to develop on this young tree, which I know is too much, but since the variety is an early one I figured the tree will have enough time to grow this season after I remove all the fruits. The fruits were rather small, a little bit larger than golf ball, except for a few that were a little smaller than tennis ball.


My Arctic Star were never a big nect. It is unfortunate that on my two grafts one doed the other is dying. I love the taste. It is a sweet white nect.


ate some mara des bois, AC Wendy and evie 2. believe it or not the evie2 were better but the other 2 were just planted in may so maybe better next year.


First pick of Patriots in the form of muffins


Iqbal foods. Google it. They have two branches. Chonsa is imported from pakistan. Its only available for few weeks. Its worth every $.


Put it in the refrigerator for couple hrs before eating. Its taste better.


Try making peach salad.
Salt, black pepper and a table spoon of honey with cold sliced peaches (peeled). My wife bought a bucket full of georgia peaches and thats how we are consuming them.
You would love it.


ramv gave me some Methley Plums.He has a tree that is loaded.Although most are still ripening,we found some that were close.
These are the first I’ve tried of this variety.They are very good.Along with the sweet,there is a dry wine flavor.The brix was 15 to 18.
I was also able to graft a couple scions from the tree to one of mine.Thanks,Ram.bb


Put the fruits into a blender like Nutrabullet. Then seeds are pulverized and similar to eating strawberry jam.