What fruits did you eat today?


My wife is from the Philippines where these fruits are common. I just asked her and she agrees with me. I’m sure it’s fine green. Lychee’s one of my wife’s favorites but I find it to be too simple of a flavor.

Have you tried jackfruit? That’s a really good one that used to be very uncommon here that I’m seeing in some non-ethnic grocery stores now. It’s best if you can select one that’s been cut open for you. You want to see a good dark yellow color and be able to smell the aroma, which is very floral. Juicy fruit gum is supposed to taste like jackfruit, so you have an idea about the taste.


There was a jackfruit in the market I visited yesterday. It was enormous. Do they come sample sized? :laughing: this market often sells fruit that is mostly overripe…and apparently very underripe too! Ha. I would be worried about purchasing such large fruit (I’m assuming with a large bill- are they often expensive? I didn’t see a price, and I’m recalling from this forum that another large fruit, durian, goes for very high price) and having it end up being no good. I will keep an eye out for sliced open jackfruit…maybe ask them to chop it for me. I love floral flavored fruit so it sounds fun to try.


They are enormous, which is why many of the shops will cut them into smaller pieces and then charge you a slightly additional amount per pound. One of the supermarkets that attracts a lot of “immigrant” clientele would occasionally buy whole jackfruit, which comes 2 per “case” from their supplier, but wind up throwing too many of them. I told the produce manager to cut it in to smaller portions and wrap them and now they are always selling them. At $1.99 per pound even a small jackfruit becomes too much of an expense to bother, but when cut smaller more people will buy it.


Jackfruit price has come down a lot. I see more stores carrying it. Our local grocery store sales jackfruit $0.79 /lb when it’s on sale.


I have to drive to the New York metropolitan area and visit an Hmart or something to find anything close to a price that good on jackfruit.


Started getting some Methley plums.


The majority of my picked currants.


Local fresh cherry $1.99 / pound @QFC


they are expensive here but when they are on sale i eat ALOT of cherries! :wink:


Yes they are expensive. I did see 2.99/lb the other day- lowest they will probably go here! They are so good though- we have pits all over the yard to prove it. :laughing:


I had semi frozen muscadines and blueberries. Almost like eating a pop sickle.


thats about as low as they go here. i may buy a large amount when they go on sale and make some jam with them.


Had some mangoes shipped to me from Florida by a backyard fruit grower. After eating tasteless Costco and supermarket mangoes, these ones were amazing! As good as the very best I’ve ever tasted in India. Possibly because they were tree ripened. And I grew up eating mangoes.

If you get a chance to eat Zill mangoes, please do. They will impress you a lot.

Carrie - very tasty, resiny. Has a strong Indian mango taste to it.
Coconut cream – Describes the mango nearly perfectly. It tasted very much like mango ice cream mixed with coconut. Outstanding Florida/Zill variety
Lemon Meringue – Tasted so much like key lime pie. But with a mango flavor. Really wonderful
Kesar - an heirloom Indian mango. Possibly the best of them all. Very strong Indian mango resiny flavor.
I have several others I am receiving that I havent tasted yet: Florigon, Dot, Himsagar etc.


I know its not fresh fruit but its the only time ive ever had anything that is soursop related. I was in a small latin grocery/taco shop yesterday and they had a cooler full of these De Mi Pais products from Vietnam. The soursop one caught my eye in addition to guava, mango, and passion fruit. Says it comes with sacs which I wasnt even sure what that was. The flavor is fantastic. The texture a bit weird for me. Its thick and has these so.ewhat gloppy pieces of fruut flesh. My wife a bit freaked out when I poured it. But to everyone in my family including the kids surprise. We all liked it. Closest thing I can relate it to is fresh pineapple juice with banana or mango flavor.


Serviceberry/saskatoon pie :slightly_smiling_face: :us: happy fourth to the Americans


I have tried and have never found a soursop/guyabano juice that I liked. The problem is i get an uneasy feeling in my stomach, the kind of feeling some have felt when eating pawpaw.

The fresh soursop fruit I have had in the Philippines is awesome, among my favorites. The imported fruit I have tried stateside was plain bad.

I’m happy you liked the juice!


A red currant lemmon bunt cake made from currants from my garden.


Ooh, that’s a good idea, thanks! I have currants this year but not enough for jam.


All the raspberries I picked so far.
I put them all into some Ben & Jerrys ice cream.


I am just saying…
I got the 2000th post!
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