What fruits did you eat today?


Tony, I totally understand. I am a jackfruit fan.Before jackfruit price was lowered , I paid almost as much as you did for durian to buy a jackfruit. I think jack fruit is larger. It is good thing to have fresh durian in the market, even though it is a bit pricy ,at least consumers have choice.


Sounds like the healthiest addiction :slight_smile:


Gasp! My first reaction because, 1. Its a Durian, 2. The price. Then I thought if you knew what I spend on collecting rare porcelains and Chinese Export silver, that is a great price for something you love!


I went to PSU farmers market and got $1lb comice pears. I ate a small one today. Fruit is spendy. I like it, but my wallet cringes


Spent $20 on 9 sumo mandarins yesterday. 3.99/lb. I was just glad to see that the store had a new shipment. I am hooked.


Today I started out eating some of my favorites, longan and custard apple. There is an early season longan in Viet Nam that’s particularly fragrant and juicy. I haven’t seen it available in the US. The only fault is a large seed, but no one here seems to care. It still costs a comparative premium at the market. Many more fruit to come on this vacation.


My favorite fruits, makes me so envious. Drooling



See if you can find some sweet Sori fruits aka sumarian sweet cherry fruits and collect the seeds.


I had a couple Orange Reds.They are on the small side but very sweet,so much,at about 25 brix,they almost didn’t taste like Apricots.bb


Great day here, I had Tomcot, Flavor Delight, Rainier and Honey Lite… I love summers… and get depressed in winters…


The reliable Tayberries are ripening again.bb


I went to the Blueberry Festival in Burgaw , NC a few weeks ago. I bought some quarts of freshly picked large blueberries. I have been eating them the last week or so. DELICIOUS!!


The first one I ever tried,Spring Satin Plumcot.Nice flavor,about 18 brix.Maybe there will be more next year for better evaluation.bb


I picked another dozen methleys today. Mostly sweet, very soft juicy texture. Brix was 17. As you can see they are very small. Look very similar in size and appearance to the Verry Cherry cherry-plums I buy ever year. At times I think they had a concord grape flavor.

Kids demolished them.


got a large bowl of indigo gem and half a bowl of indigo treat haskap. going to eat them with some sugar and cream. :wink: they are much bigger and produced a good crop this year. all the strawberries are sizing up and should be eating some by mid july. going to have a lot this year. 6 different varieties. picked a couple small bowls of wild ones in the field next door. never made it in the house!


Yes, Methley definitely has a grape-like flavor to it.


Birds were eating most of these finally put a net around three days ago and picked these today.



First time trying these and I loved them. Even though they resemble an eyeball when you open them up.

Made a cake with nectarine, pluot, and sweet cherries. I love stone fruit season aka summer.


Unless there are cultivars I don’t know, and that’s a good possibility, I think your lychee is not ripe. They’re supposed to be red!


Really? The inside was white with a slight pink blush. It tasted good! Was from the asian market. I admittedly have no idea but I liked it either way. :slightly_smiling_face:

Will they ripen on the counter? I have one left!