What fruits did you eat today?


They are sooo good! You buy them or grow them? :yum:


They are not from my garden. From Puerto Rico and got them from 99 Ranch Market in my area.


Tried some Sumo mandarins today. They are the size of a regular orange but have that zippy sweet mandarin flavor. Wish these were available all year.

Looked them up and they also go by the names Shiranui and Dekopon. Trees are not available for purchase which is a shame. These are the best citrus I think I’ve ever had.


I had a Golden Nugget Mandarin, an Anjou Pear and some Sweet Sapphire grapes. None of which I grew; I purchased them from Produce Junction.


I ate 3 different types of mulberries: Pakistan, Everbearing and so called Florida Giant. All delicious in their own ways


The one I think is Florida Giant from pics I saw on the website of @livinginawe growingmulberries.org was actually a cutting gifted to me at the Kampong which was David Fairchild’s residence (of Fairchild botanical Garden fame in Miami). The name they have for it is Kampong Sweet (I don’t think it’s trademarked). It is a very good mulberry (M. alba) with black fruit of decent size.


Today’s harvest: Loquats and Pakistan mulberries


My 4 year old ate a Cara Cara and asked excitedly what fruit that was. She eats all the citrus she can get but that one was so unique she knew it was diffrent. I cant help but agree.


Now I’m enjoying the apples I dried in the Fall. A mix of kinda tart Braeburn (my very first apple tree that now has about 25 varieties on it), and a found tree that has big green/yellow ‘marshmallow’ apples with zero tartness. Excellent mix.


Chayote and elephant garlic leaves stir fried with flank steak .


Elephant garlic is not a true garlic. So the leaves are edible too?


They look like leek leaves…but a bit garlicky?..dang that sounds good.


It’s edible Annie . Tasting so good to me .


Better than leeks , chives or onions


Yes it looks like leek leaves Steve.


Thanks Vincent.I have some elephant garlic grow in the garden. I planted them many years ago but the bulbs tasted bitter so the rest I did not bother to dig them up. I only harvest its escapes.


Hi Annie.
I wonder all elephant garlic the same or not . I also heard that some tasting bitter and the flavor not too strong like regular garlic… but mine do not have bitter taste like some the others. In the Fall coming you should try to plant some buy from different place and lets see any different compare with the one you had. Most of mine from my grand father. And a few years ago I bought some more in the “Central Market “.
Let’s waiting someone else give us more information about Elephant garlic here Annie.


I got me a fresh Durian. A little pricey but a airfare to Thailand or Vietnam is much more expensive.



$80+ to buy a fruit, Tony I can tell you are really a durian fan.enjoy😋


They tasted way better than the frozen one that I normally bought. Yes it was pricey but I got to treat myself once in a while since I can’t take alcohol well due to skin flush and I don’t smoke.