What fruits did you eat today?


Sounds fabulous. I agree, flavor is not as intense as some fruit. To me it is sublime.


So what pears have better flavor?


Comice is my favorite pear- by far. Pears just have a more mild taste than a peach or a plum in my opinion. Personally it is a toss up for me between a tree ripened peach and a good Comice pear.


I’d agree that the pears I’ve tried aren’t high on flavor. I think Bosc is better eating than Comice esp if you like firm fruit. The Asians aren’t big on flavor either.


I agree. I have had some Asian pears. Like eating nothing at all taste wise.


I am craving for Thai Durian and Thai Papaya salad today for dinner.



Tony lot of pepper in the salad. Did I see snake gourd in the salad too?


Yes. I loved Papaya salad with about #7 of heat out of 10. 10 is too much for me to enjoy it. I bought the real Thai fish sauce this time and it had a stronger fragrance. You know papaya had papin enzyme that make your bowel regular. What a healthy benefit :laughing:


How do you tell from a thai fish sauce in store? I use fish sauce in making Kimche.I bought from Hmart and it is three crab brand. Isn’t it a good fish sauce?


Here is the Thai fish sauce

BTW, the fresh young coconut with a little sugar and ice. Taste awesome.


Tony, thanks for the pucture.I will look for this brand. The simple coconut dessert looks very delicious.


I’ve leaned something new everyday. Did not even know they make fermented fish fish sauce for papaya salad.

That fish sauce is specially made with fermented fish in it. Fermented fish “pla-ra” is polarizing flavor among Thai people. Some can’t stand it like me and many people in central or southern Thailand. Others love it like the people from the north or northeastern regions.

Annie - if you have not tried Pla ra-flavor fish sauce, avoid it first. Go with regular fish sauce. Brand like Healthy Baby, Squid (Thai brands) or Red Boat ( Vietnamese brand) are fine.


I don’t use fish sauce very often. Just used in occasionly cooking Thai, or Indian dishes. I did use Squid brand. Be honest, I cant tell the differences from one brand to another. They all have very strong smell but the flavors are all good


Regular fish sauce taste similar yes. They are like regular cheese. Fish sauce with Pla ra is like blue cheese or any stinky cheese that one group of people like and the others can’t stand.


Good comparison. I can’t stand the smell of stink cheese,include cheddar cheese. I never eat macroni and cheese which my kids love


I found hardy kiwi in Cub foods today. It was my first time trying them. They have a very mild kiwi flavor, mostly in the skin. I’m sure from the yard would be better than from the store. They were not exceptional, but not bad. A lot more juicy and squishy on the inside than a fuzzy kiwi.



Very good looking plum. How is the taste?


They are from Chile. Middium sweet and very juicy. Above average to me , not superior.


Yellow Dragon Fruit . ( Super sweet )