What fruits did you eat today?


Yeah, we canceled a Fort Myers, FL trip due to the weather. My boss goes to Europe a lot with his family and he told me the Mediterranean is chilly this time of the year. My kids are still small enough that we don’t need to see “stuff”. Next time I’m thinking about a Florida trip in January, I’ll have to stop myself and look further south. Perhaps Puerto Rico.


Disney is great!


We’ve had a bumper crop of Moorpark and Tilton apricots this past summer, so me and my wife vacuum sealed and froze some of them. Never have done this before, so were not sure about the result. They turned out great. The defrosted apricots don’t look as appealing as the fresh ones, of course, but the flavor is still there, very tasty! Great treat in the middle of the winter.

Stan's harvest diary 2019

Cara Cara oranges from Sam’s Club. Delicious.


My wife and i eat every day for breakfast, juice os fruits and vegetables. First we make hemp milk from seeds and add orange, apples, carrot, celery, cabbage or brocolis or other fruits we have in the moment. :wink:


Sooooo jealous!


I’m also jealous of my wife who ate most of them. Had to practically wrestle the bowl from her hands to make the photo. :wink:


Do preserved fruits count? If so, I had crepes with cherry butter from my Montmorency tree and apple butter I put up in the fall from early Jonathons. Hubby went for the raspberry-apricot freezer jam.


Feeling a bit under the weather tonight so I juiced up a cup and a half of gold nugget mandarins and my wife made a stir fry. Feeling a bit better, we will see what tomorrow brings.


just getting over a 2 week long chest cold. been eating crushed black currants in greek yogurt and zinc tablets. my wife only took the tablets and she’s still hacking away. she’s not a fruit lover.


Trying to gradually eat up some forelle pears. The fridge has made them look a bit like prunes, but they still taste good.


Was it your home grown Forelle?

I tried Forelle on 3 occasions. Same very dry, astringent’sh, hard to swallow pears even afterI let them sit on acounter for 10 + days.


Yes, home grown. I picked them about Oct 13 and put them in the crisper. I take them out and leave them on the counter for a few days to air out and soften a bit. They are great. I read they need to be refrigerated for 10-12 weeks or something like that. I think that must be about right. Before I did that, it didn’t matter what I did – they just didn’t taste right – more like trying to eat a hard non-riper pear right off the tree. I’m happy to be eating some fruit still. I’m not a pear connoisseur, but I really like them.


The three times I bought them, once in Europe, twice in the US, they were all beauriful pears. I did not know how long they were in cold storage before I bought them. Obviously not long enough.

Possibly, this could be one of those pears that needs a right amount of cold storage and ripening time on a counter to make them taste good.

After three trials, I won’t buy Forelle again. If I could grow it, it could change my mind.


I think these don’t taste quite like the ones from the store but I’ve had ones from the store that seemed ok. The good ones I’ve had were in the summer and I think possibly imported from Chile or somewhere like that. One particular package I wasn’t able to ripen because my daughter kept eating them before they were ready.


I ate some of the pears from the Harry and David store. REALLY good.




Yes, that is what they are suppose to be, REALLY delicious.


I agree. One of my all time favorite fruits. I have migrated away from Harry and David when I can find them in the supermarket quite a bit cheaper, but either way, I make sure to get my fill each Winter. I got the ones below at my local supermarket. 17 brix, juice galore!


I got my biggest crop ever of Comice this yr. I think properly ripened they were about 20 brix. To me they don’t have much flavor but they sure are smooth eating and very sweet. I dried many of them and they are like candy.