What fruits did you eat today?


@Ahmad, PLC is peach leaf curl, I only got one spray in this year as our dog passed away, my Dad has been in hospital with sepsis, and my brother diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Good news , after lot’s of prayer, my Dad looks to make a complete recovery and my brother’s cancer has been 75% removed so far. We also have an awesome new dog, Hannah, who has made us smile through the toughest of times. I will get my act together next year on spraying schedule. Here is a picture from the 4th of July weekend, Hannah with my brother’s youngest foster chid, she is very good with kids!


I am glad to hear that your dad has recovered and your brother has significantly improved. My prayers to your family to be in the best health and prosperity… I love your dog.


Thanks Ahmad, your prayers mean a lot! God bless you!


Well, thats a lot to go through. The trees will be waiting for you! Bless you. .


@mrsg47, Thanks so much, hope you are enjoying your new home in France, some of those fruits you have posted look sooo good!


I am sorry to slightly hi jack this thread on the above news. Let’s get back to the fruits that we have eaten today! This is Saturn peach, from the front yard orchard. It has spectacular double pink blossoms and is a very good low acid peach with traditional peach flavors. I have it grafted on my showy blossom tree with, Red Barron, Double delight, and Fantasia nectarines. I recommend this peach as it is nice sized and very good eating. The ripest one I just ate was 25 brix, but the acid was not high so to my taste not quite as good as the high acid/sugar peaches and nectarines. A very good peach that some may like better than the high acid fruits…


The peach looks so good and would be very nice as a low acid. Please forgive me if I am wrong, but the pictures for Saturn peach online look like a “white” donut peach variety. Was it because of the lighting, or the peach is really yellow inside? Or maybe the fruits are different when pollinated by the peach and nectarines on the same tree? Thanks a lot for your help.


After some readings, it seems like to most vendors “Saturn” peach means the white donut type. The DWN site, however, lists Donut (Stark Saturn) as the white donut peach, and “Saturn” as the regular yellow type, which looks like the one you have. I may consider getting one to replace one of the non-producing trees. Thanks for posting.




@btle, thanks a lot, the yellow Saturn peach is very good and come’s highly recommended. I don’t grow any doughnut peaches or nectarines because there is not much to them, however good they may be. We have bought most doughnut varieties at the farmers market and while good, none wowed us. But we did find them very sweet, just not complex in flavor. While the yellow Saturn peaches are very good, they do have a small amount of acid and a traditional peach flavor, similar to Baby Crawford. Neither peach would be in my top 10, but we all like high acid/sugar fruit with more complex/ intense flavors, similar to the best nectarines and mangoes. We like to taste a fruit and be wowed by the flavors. A lot of people who have not been eating stone fruit all their lives are looking for a low acid fruit, similar to candy. For these people I recommend white peaches and nectarines, or the Honey series yellows. Some white peaches and nectarines have high acid/sugar flavors, and some honey series are complex, and are very delicious to us, but certantly not most. Also, for people in other places besides the California central valley, low acid fruits are the only ones that will get high brix, so in those areas the low acid fruits will be liked better than the high acid, which usually don’t get sweet enough for people’s taste there. The above peaches were just tasted here, both measured 21 brix, still a day or two out of prime ripeness, and one was kinda small, last of the June Pride’s, one prime large Saturn. From my wife, the Saturn was very good, a lot of fuzz. The JP was super awesome, no fuzz. I have to agree alot more going on with the JP’s taste, even though it was smaller than average and not prime. Everyone has their own taste preferences, and they are all over the map, each to their own.


And the taste test pics…


I ate a couple handfuls of goumi.


i hear honey babe is shy bearer with out another variety to cross pollinate? what is your experience? thank you and the fruit does look smooth is it nectarine or peach?


Is a yellow Saturn tree available anywhere?I’ve been looking for scions,but haven’t seen them at CRFG exchanges,the last few years.bb


That might be true. The tree is about 15 years old. Production was low for years, something like 6 peaches per year. After planting other peach varieties nearby, production surged. Now we get 150 - 200 fruit per year - maybe more. It is a peach, but the skin is only moderately fuzzy.


thank you so much for confirming the partially self pollinating of that honey babe. i alway wondered they should just simply say self pollinating or need pollinator. it looks like it is not self pollinating then! i had to be productive on its own to be consider self pollinating. do you grow any other minature trees?


I would say barely self-fertile. But if you only want a couple of nice fruit, that might be enough. Yes I grew Necta Zee dwarf nectarine in a wine barrel. It did not thrive and died after a couple of years. It might be important to note that these trees aren’t really ‘dwarf’. My Honey Babe is about 10 feet high and perhaps 20 feet across (not joking). My neighbor loved my tree so much that she planted one of her own (maybe 8 to 10 years ago)…that tree is now almost as big as my tree. But it is true that you really don’t need to prune them unless it intrudes somewhere (like over a fence line), or the lower branches hang on the ground.


@Bradybb, I believe Bay Laurel sells it as well as a few other nurseries in Ca. If you would like I can send you scion this winter, just figure out a few other scion you may want from me, and it will make it worth your while. I don’t charge shipping either, just trying to help people out.


thank you so much for the details! i used to grow donut style peaches i love them and some white peaches but i ended up just keeping my minature peach since we have really bad peach leaf curl and the minature might ahve a better chance if i need to move them around i keep them potted.


More Pacific Blackberries. Nice Brix readings. The ones over 19 seem to have a slight raisin flavor.


!st home grown Methley plums. Pretty good! yahoo!