What fruits did you eat today?


Big eating day for me. Arkansas Black, Golden Delicious, and Cumberland Red Delicious apples. I also had Black Beauty and Supreme muscadines. I’m stuffed.


Moondrop grapes from Sams Club. They are great. Kids love the novelty as well. Much better than those cotton candy grapes.


I picked a pretty good Golden Delicious apple today, 15 brix. I don’t know if Golden Delicious is different than Yellow Delicious, but as grown this summer mine are nothing at all like the grocery store version. They are way better. Crisp, juicy and flavorful.


Almost the last of the Somerset Grapes. Getting cool enough here I have no hope of them getting red, but they taste good anyhow. Wow, Dax, you’re right - looks like they make the full 3/8".:smiley:


Fig and Rhubarb pie.


Got a single Jujube fresh fruit from my local Asian market to try cause I’ve only sampled dried jujubes in the past. Didn’t like it dried but enjoyed today’s fresh Jujube. My kids loved it. A little sweet with a cross between apple and pear flavour. So now i have to add two compatible varieties to my collection.



Liberty, Arlet, Baldwin, Empire, Jonathan, Golden russet, Razor russet, Roxbury russet and a graft that I forgot.
Liberty. Crispy, tart, white fleshed, juicey, good for a liberty.
Arlet. Sweet, light, crunchy, good cooker, cider base. Very pretty clear yellow with a pink blush, I wish my phone camera worked. Real touchy with CAR.
Baldwin. Great cider, cooking , and eating. Crispy and dense, yellow flesh, complex flavors. One of my faves.
Jonathan. great eating heirloom. Mine got over ripe in 2-3 days with 90+ temps.
Golden Russet. Still very hard and dense. Yellow high sugar flesh that rots easily.
Razor Russet. Not impressed at all. Dense, dry, crumbly, yellow flesh, skin badly split in sunny spots,YD sport?
Roxbury Russet. 5th leaf tree. Small. hard, sour, shy, rotten, apples. I’m going to dry some and see if that helps. If not, under the knife it will go.
Name forgotten graft. Blaah yellow skin, bright pink interior, total spitter. Sure was pink though!


Indian Free Peach.These were the last stone fruits hanging on until three fell off and one detached easily.This is the first time trying them.The one I ate was okay,not great,about 13 brix.Hopefully better in the future. Brady


We just finished the last of our Flavor Finale pluots and I must say they were awesome again this year. I like them firm ripe at around 23 brix. The fruit is huge and has a wonderful flavor that is different from most other pluots. It is in my top 3 pluots now, right behind Flavor Supreme and Flavor King. This is a true winner!!


I had a Liberty today that is headed towards soft at the core, but had excellent flavor and sweetness probably one of the best yet off my tree. A very apple cider taste.

With all of the hot weather the last two weeks it must have been slightly past ripe when I picked it. Last year I stored them until the first week of December with good results, hopefully if I can find the softer fruit those that are firmer will keep as long as last year.


That’s a very interesting combination, and one that wouldn’t occur to me since their seasons are so far apart here.


I always have some rhubarb in the freezer waiting for a pie, 1st time I’ve tried adding fig to the pie, I will have to reduce the sugar next time since the figs have natural sugar.


Beautiful fruit, Jon. You guys with yer pluots are really getting me interested in trying a couple of these hybrids. I just don’t know if I could get the blooms to survive our late freezes.

Did you get your Flavor series trees from Bay Laurel? How old were they when they first produced?

The important question is did these pass the kid taste test??


Thanks Bob, we got ours at a local nursery but Bay Laurel has it as well. This one probably wont work for you but Flavor King, Flavor Grenade, and Dapple Dandy are all recommended for zones 5 to 9 by DWN. They produced a few 2nd year in ground and a bunch after that. The kids loved them and so did my wife, In fact, I enjoyed them more than Flavor King this year! Good luck if you do decide to add some pluots, they are really good!


First time trying the indian free peach, absolutely delicious, sweet and tart one of the best peaches ive eaten, measured at 20 brix.20170928_201608|562x1000


Great fruit, Jon. Unfortunately, Flavor Finale pluots sold at the local farmers market are grossly underripe. I need to grow some myself.


I am eating in this moment some pawpaws, i got 7 more fruits hanging on my tree in garden :).


Had a 17 brix Golden Delicious and 19 brix Melrose apple, both were great. The Melrose weighed 13.3 oz and probably benifited from the dry weather and the fact that there were only three apples on the whole tree.


You have so many fruit plants/trees as noted in your profile. How did your plums, cherries and peaches do? I am also curious about your gooseberries. Did you get any this year, and if so how were they, and how old are the plants?


@subdood_ky_z6b —> 3 year old Lapins cherry tree produced a bowl a very good sweet cherries. I got a few Stella and Black Gold cherries that were better than I thought they would be. Veteran, Madison, Mckay, Redhaven, Reliance and Contender peaches all produced good amounts of tasty 15 brix peaches. Lots of Hinnomaki Red gooseberries that were o.k. Probably should have thinned them. Hinnomaki Yellow were better but I didn’t get many. Black Velvet gooseberry produced quite a bit and were actually my favorite. All gooseberries are 2 or 3 years old. Carmine Jewel produced a few bowls of cherries, definitely a winner. The rest of my 3 year old sour cherries produced a modest to fair amount, all tasted about the same, all were pretty good. Lots of Concord and Concord-type grapes. No gage plums, no asian or hybrid plums. A handful of euro plums. Castleton, President, Shropshire Damson and Empress were all very good. Only a few apples but they were very good. Only a few asian pears. No apricots yet, no paw paws yet. Raspberries and Blackberries were hit hard by SWD, I might give up on them.