What fruits did you eat today?


Sungold Kiwi, hard to describe the taste, kind of like a citrus melon? I like the green kiwi better.


Hy-Vee (local grocery chain) had Pink Pearl apples in stock last weekend. I had to buy a few. Wherever they are growing these they are getting a lot of color out of them.


Which Hyvee?


The Coralville Hy-Vee. I should add, there is still some variability in their overall quality. Several of the ones I bought had internal browning, probably from storage. This was the firmest I’ve had so far, but it wasn’t as sweet as the softer ones.


Just got home from my local HyVee with two Pink Pearls. The store had no sign up other than their name, some folks are going to be surprised. Good sweet/tart balance, flavor somewhat reminiscent of a crispy, less sweet, braeburn. Dense flesh and only lighty pink. A good store apple.


Interesting that yours are light pink, mine were very pink. Last year they would cut one in half and wrap it in plastic wrap and put it up on the display, but your observation was the same as mine: no extra display this year.


Huge apple - 448 grams - from China. Fuji type.


How much per fruit?



$2.99 per lb. This one was $2.93.


I stopped by a large Asian grocery store yesterday with an awesome array of fruit. I picked up 3 types of dragon fruit to try. I wasn’t too sure on ripeness, but the yellow was definitely the best. I’m not sure we love them, but they sure are a cool fruit. My youngest daughter collected seeds from the yellow to try to grow.


I’ve only ever had the white flesh, and they taste like bland kiwi. I’d love to try some other cultivars.


The yellow one is supposed to be the tasty one,but is hard to find.


Taste testing our Gordon and White Winter Pearmain apples for ripeness.


That is a pretty good description of them murky, but the flesh has a different texture as well, almost a little like a denser/drier watermelon. They aren’t bad, but at $5.99/lb it was more of an experiment than something I’d have very often. They can look pretty cool in a fruit salad if you mix in the different colors.


Yes, the yellow one was definitely the best. I think the other 2 could have been riper, but the yellow was much sweeter and the bigger seeds were nice and crunchy.


I travel to Thailand and Singapore for work sometimes. Usually I just get fruit from the hotel, occasionally from a market.

Maybe like bananas in the US, the bland, consistent variety is most popular.

Next time I should remember to bring some pictures of the others for some help in locating them.


I have tasted fresh yellow ones grown by experts in southern CA and Oawaxa MX. The ones from Oaxaca were so much better that I’ve no interest in growing them here. On the other hand – that same comparison between H. guatemalensis from the same sources produced equally delicious fruit. I know of people in northern climes that grow it in a 15-20 gallon pot permanently attached to a dollie for quick transport of it and its trellis indoors and out.


Its a shame they are so bland because the texture is fantastic. Also very easy to peel and slice. If they tasted better they would be the ultimate fruit


A bland Dragonfruit is due to selection of cultivar, or shipping, or grower – the same is true of apples.


I’m sure. I just haven’t found the right one yet