What fruits did you eat today?


Here’s a reliable source for H. guatemalensis. I met them at one of the Pitahaya conferences about a decade ago.



Yellow are sweeter. But some violet flesh not all are the best. not just sweet but truly flavorful. 10x the flavor of the best prickly pear ‘tuna’, which has a similar taste.


I wanted to grow it in container,I love its flowers as well as its fruits. but,I have jujubees, figs,container grapes,and about 200 various size pots of not winter hardy enoug plants to drag in and out of garage. In winter time, in front of every windows in the house is bunch of plants. I really run out if space. Growing plants is very addictive hobby!!


It’s an incurable disease :slightly_smiling_face:


Yesterday I stopped at the asian market and they had 3 varieties of Asian pears. One was marked “Century” which I assume was Nijisseiki, another marked “Jumbo” which weren’t actually any larger than the others. And a third variety marked “Fragrant Pear”. They were not perfectly round like many Asian pears. They looked somewhat like a stubby round Anjou pear with a red blush. I bought 2 pears for $2.79. They were packaged together and upon unwrapping the cellophane they had a strong floral smell. Stronger than I was expecting. Taste was very good. The flavor was not overly strong like the aroma. Had the crispness of other Asian pears but maybe a little more sweetness.

This might be an interesting pear to grow. Does anyone grow it here in US? And is scionwood available?


@tonyOmahaz5 is growing a Fragrance pear. I think @scottfsmith may grow it, too.

This is the best time of the year to visit Asian market/grocery stores because Chinese New Year (and Vietnamese New Year, too) is coming. It’s on Feb 16. We celebrate the Chinese New Year with plenty of food and fruit. Visiting Asian market/grocery stores between now and the New Year, you will see lot of fruit that you may not see at other time of the year.

At my local Asian market, this is the first year I’ve seen boxes and boxes of Rojo Brillante in addition to the typical Fuyu. Plenty of tropical and exotic fruit on sale, too.

@clarkinks, it’s time to visit Asian market if you have one near you.


Thanks for the heads up.

Today I tried these. They are figs covered in dark chocolate. They were very tasty.


Left to right, Saudi Arabia dates from Bateel USA - Wanan, Khidri and Kholas. Unbelievably good.

A small box of Kholas dates, like little drops of caramel sunshine.


Tried a Sumo (Dekopon) mandarin orange cross from Trader Joe’s today, very good! Goobled up my half before any photos, oops!


Bought some yellow nectarines from Chile from the grocery store the other day. They were quite small, and I have a soft spot for fruit I know is headed to the dumpster because no one will buy it.

I expected nothing, but I was surprised by how decent the first one was. Nothing incredible, and a bit stringy, but honestly much better than the ones I get in the summer from California… I think the bit of acid tang helped a lot.


Finally after 39 years leaving the tropic that I have a chance to eat one if my favorite tropical fruit again. It is called Milk fruit. Sweet pulp with about 5 small seeds and sweet milk like juice with every bite. Awesome. My wife bought them from the Asian market. She said they were pricey but she wouldn’t tell me the actual price.



Tony, could I please see the pics of cup up fruit?



Here is the cut up milk fruit. Too bad that I can’t grow this tree in my Zone 5.



Looks delicious! Lucky that your wife found it! :yum:


It is similar to what we have in Thailand but ours are mix of sweet and sours (more sour).


never seen this fruit before,good to know it is dilicious


Chrysophyllum cainito (star apple, a.k.a. caimito, milk fruit) is native to the Caribbean. It is a member of the true sapotes family. Cultivation in other tropical areas began after 1530 AD.


I used to eat a lot of the large purple milk fruits. They were sweeter and jucier than the pinkish ones. They were huge trees. The ones in our backyard that my grandmother grew were at 90 feet tall.



Yes, I remember that fruit was approved for import last year. I am glad to see it and I hope to find them soon at my local market. I’m sure if I go do the DC area I will have a better chance, locating some.


Rockit apples. Interesting way to market apples. I don’t know what cultivar these are. Crispy but not much flavor.