What fruits did you eat today?


So happy the loquats are ripe! Lost some to cracking with the late rains but the survivors are delicious!


I’m not sure if this counts,but a co-worker brought in a snack tray with Marcona Almonds and Quince membrillo.Very tasty.These nuts were a treat I’ve never had before.Brady


Ice cream bean from a friend’s yard. Good but with trees reaching 60 feet we don’t have the space.


very interesting looking fruit,never seen this before


It was the first time I’d tried it. Here’s a link to an article I was reading last night, http://articles.latimes.com/2012/oct/02/news/la-lh-ice-cream-bean-tree-20121001


Caribbean Red Habanero with my Nachos and an Ambrosia apple for lunch


Mangosteen and yellow dragonfruit.


Golden Fuji apple. Tastes like a regular Fuji but not quite as dense.




I don’t know. This is the first I’ve seen or heard of them.


Look at these beauties!!

Fragaria virginiana, wild strawberry. They grow all over in our pastures and yard. We love em!

They are small but bursting with flavor. Best part is, God tends them, and I am blessed to enjoy them. :yum:. No work on my part required.
A great snack after digging, planting, watering, weeding…Yum.


love wild strawberries!


I couldn’t be more excited. These are from my 6 year old mulberry Tree. It was supposed to be a black beauty mulberry but I bought it from Willis Orchards and the consensus is that it isn’t a real Black Beauty Mulberry (Morus Nigra). But I don’t think it is just a regular wild type mulberry either. I’ve eaten wild mulberries all my life, and I am very confident that these are not the type that grow wild here in TN. The berries a smaller, but most of all they are much sweeter. I’ll post some tree photos later to see if anyone can help figure out what I have.

But holy cow are these good. This tree has, for the first 5 years, only produced tiny little nubs of berries- so small you could fit 3 on the face of a penny. Then all of a sudden this year- year 6- they are much larger and sweeter. These would slightly hang over both edges of a penny if you laid them onto one. And they are sweet as sugar. For the first time in my life, I understand why people like mulberries!


Always nice to find a wild growing fruit on your property. We have something like that ripening in various parts of our yard. We also have wild blackberries and black raspberries.

I love the view of the horizon of hilly, cleared prairie. Bet the wind can really howl out there, yes?


Those are incredible. From your post it sounds like those are wild strawberries? I’ve heard other people talk about how good wild strawberries are, and it has always confused me. Here in TN where I grew up, wild strawberries don’t look like those and darn sure aren’t good to eat. They are tiny little dark red things-1/4 the size of yours- and have no sweetness of any kind at all and not much taste at all. Yours look like really small domestic strawberries, ours don’t. Interesting.

Nice photos, BTW

UPDATE EDIT: Your strawberries got me so curious that I did some checking, and it turns out that what I’ve always called wild strawberries or Indian Strawberries are known as “Mock strawberries” and are different from “wild strawberries”. Interesting. I’ve never seen “wild” ones like yours here.


Oh you bet it does!! Windy days are the norm and it is really tough on my trees and fruiting shrubs. I am trying to get some windbreaks established, but it’s not easy. We love the view too :smile:


@thecityman, that’s kinda funny because I have never heard of the “mock strawberry”! You are on the TN/KY border? You may find Fragaria virginiana growing around you. It likes open pastures. While found in the uplands, it also likes wetter areas and so can be found in draws, near creeks, or woodland edges. I guess it even grows well in disturbed areas. Found basically throughout the U.S., but more common in the north and half of the Great Plains.
They are SO good! They have such an intense, true strawberry flavor. I don’t know anything about plant breeding, but it would be fun to cross these with domestic varieties and see if you can get the great flavor in a larger sized berry. It’s weird too because the mice and bugs basically leave them alone. I have tried to grow a few different strawberry cultivars in the past, and the mice and bugs were a battle. They got to eat way more than I did.


Those do look superb. The best mulberries I’ve had look like that.

I’m going to get a good mulberry someday, I hope. They get frozen in spring most yrs here.

My Nigras are producing a few wonderful fruit but not enough to get me excited. I’d rather have a productive tree like yours.


Hey Chris,

Oldmixon has set ONE peach for me.


Well, that’s a start! Does seem like my Oldmixon tree is average to a little below average as far as being productive but the peaches it does produce are big, almost softball size and clean, no rot problems so far. Glad to hear your graft was successful, keep me posted, I will try to post some pictures close to harvest time.