What fruits did you eat today?


our wild strawberries are fantastic! we used to pick many gallons of them growing up. nothing like a wild strawberry. oikios carries wild starts if your interested in growing them.


Ate my first lemonade apple today. Definitely know why it’s called lemonade as when I was eating it I was reminded with a taste of lemonade.


Never heard of that but it looks interesting. Any specific apple you could compare it to?


@speedster1 I got the sense it was picked a little early but it has the crunch of pacific rose another New Zealand apple. For juicyness it did have a good amount about what a good yellow delicious has.


@speedster1 forgot to add it has more acid than pacific rose much better flavor. Pacific rose is so one dimension. My wife liked the other one I bought.


Lychee Fruit, was really good.


Is it common to find Lychee fruit in the US? I have eaten in China - and love it.


If your area has a substantial Asian population you’ll find it in grocery stores that carry specialty produce or cater to that culture.


Public in Fayetteville GA had it and I’ve never seen this fruit before so there might be a new suppler in Florida. They also had Figs last year which I’ve never seen in a store before around here.

I kept the seeds and figured I would plant them for fun.


I picked some Prelude raspberries this morning. A few Jewel black raspberries have turned purple, probably need a little more time on the canes,
but I plucked em before the stinkers could ruin them.

Neither flavor is fantastic, but the Jewel should improve with a little more time.
However, I am still blessed to have any after the May beetles and stink bugs have caused so much damage already.
Regardless, I still say you can’t beat homegrown!
Enjoying some with my toasted pecan coffee cake and cuppa joe. :yum:


I tried three new types of cherries today - Skylar Rae, Strawberry Cherries and Audra Rose. They’re all quite good.


You are a lucky guy. Do the Strawberry cherries taste like strawberry?


They don’t taste like strawberry and despite the statement on the container, they are not tart either. They do have a good well rounded flavor.


I’m wondering if these are actual cultivars or brand names for cultivars grown at an orchard.


Here’s the info on Skylar Rae -
"Meet Skylar Rae® brand Tip Top cherries, the sweetest cherry you’ll ever eat! This Stemilt exclusive looks similar to the well-known Rainier cherry, but is genetically different, and both firmer and sweeter than other cherries you’ll find at stores.

This cultivar was discovered growing by chance in 2004 by the Toftness family at their Tip Top Orchards in Wenatchee, WA. Usually these chance discoveries can’t be replicated and grown commercially, but this is no ordinary cherry. The brand name of this special cherry was chosen to honor Skylar Rae Toftness, the late daughter of Troy and Kim Toftness.

Skylar Rae® cherries have a glowing orange-red complexion, incredible firmness, and high sugars for a candy-like flavor. It’s rare for any cherry to be both sweet and firm, making Skylar Rae® a unique cherry eating experience for all."


Strawberry cherries come from Yakima Fresh and they don’t say much at all -
"Our unique and exciting Premium Strawberry Cherries are exceptionally large, extremely firm and delightfully juicy. They are dark red with a slightly white to creamy pink flesh when ripe. Vibrant flavor and intensely super sweet, with natural fruit sugar levels that usually range from 19%-25%.

Premium Strawberry Cherries are packaged in 1 lb. Clam Shells with their own UPC label. They are available late June though July, however, supplies are limited. The secret behind this new delicious variety is a unique tree stock grown in Washington State at Yakima Fresh along with ideal growing conditions and plenty of tender loving care."


Thanks for the details! It appears they either re-bred their own or re-named existing cherry cultivars.


Wife picked 3.8 pounds of Rabbiteyes this morning. :+1:


Great pic Kevin and great news!!


Got two Tomcots from a graft on a container grown Chinese apricot tree. They dropped on their own, about 1.75" dia and 20 brix. Very good.