What fruits did you eat today?


:open_mouth: wow :open_mouth:


Yeah. Excited. That’s from 10 bushes though.


In your climate do the blueberries on a single bush all ripen at the same time so you can just strip them off en masse?


Not so much. My blueberry season lasts about 4-5 weeks. My wife says she runs her hands through them and the ripe ones drop off into the bucket and unripen ones continue to cling. :+1::heavy_check_mark:


Orange Red Apricot from a graft on a Fantasia Nectarine.About 18 brix. Brady


Look for Asian markets in your area! Trader Joe’s will some times carry them if you have one nearby! I recommend trying longan fruit as well, they are a lychee relative that fruits multiple times a year so much more availibility! I live in a small town and always make a point to travel to the city 3 hours away a few times once lychee season hits!


Jack fruit and Lychee.



Where did you get jackfruit?


I bought it at the local Asian Market and I am not sure where they bought it from. Florida or Mexico?



We have whole fruit jackfruit for sale in Asian markets here, too. I give you a lot of credit for buying the whole fruit. Dissecting it and dealing with the abundantly sticky sap is what stop me. But the reward is really worth it. Also, if I buy the whole fruit, I am likely to eat the whole thing myself in a very short time. I have not much self-restraint when it comes to food I like :smile:


First of the season, many more to come.



First Emperor Cherry ever. (Probably the most expensive too)


me neither. i have a hard time freezing fruit for the winter months. it mysteriously jumps into my mouth! the wife says im obsessed. at least its berries and not cheeseburgers! :wink:


I am on a see-food diet. When I see food, I eat!!!


This is the very first apricot to be harvested from my orchard!!! It is also the only one. This Stark SweetHeart apricot only set 2 fruit, but I was surprised to find any on it at all since we had several nights of freezing temps during the bloom period. However, there was an unfortunate incident between a wayward heifer and this apricot tree. The only tree she chose to use as a scratching post was this one. The only branch on which she scratched her knobby head was the one carrying the only 2 fruits. Of course. She broke the branch, I lost one fruit, but I wrapped the branch up as if I was grafting it. It survived and the fruit reached maturity!
I bought this tree for my husband’s birthday in 2015, so it is ‘his’ tree and I wanted him to have the first fruit from it. I left him the fruit and a note this morning and when I got home his note says the apricot was “DEE-LISH-ISS”!!! So I guess it was good. :yum:


Congrats! So exciting!


Did you save the pit to eat? This apricot has low amygdalin so it will taste like an almond.


This hobby is expensive but cheaper than therapy.


We did save it, but I think I am going to plant it, and use it as rootstock to graft different varieties to. Hopefully we will get a good harvest off it at some point, then we won’t have to fight over the fruits or the seeds. :wink:


Some plums I grafted a couple of years ago. Don’t know the variety, sweet and the flesh is similar in texture to a peach. The skin is sweet and smooth. I think it is a plumcot.