What fruits did you eat today?


Early Laxton Plum.This is the first one I’ve grown and harvested.Nothing sensational,around 12 brix. To me,right now,about the only thing this one has going,is being the first to ripen and that’s rare for a European.
Maybe they will get better in following years. Brady


Got this from a Vietnamse store yesterday. I took a convenient but more expensive way. I figured I could also see how ripe it was. Whole fruit is only $1.50 a lbs. cut up like this is $3.49 a lb.


Wow, the store sure raised the price for the convenient. This is prime Jack fruit season and it sells for 75 cents per pound this week. My kids loved Jack fruit smoothie. Well enjoy it.



Excellent!! Must be good and cold hardy. I have added it to my additions for coming fall list. If you are already getting fruit in Kansas in it’s 3rd year surely here in Tennessee it will work. Hopefully. :boom::heavy_check_mark:


I’d move to Omaha for that price :):grin:

I thought $1.5 was cheap. I also bought a box of large mangoes, too. 12 for $16.


Jackfruit, red skinned dragon fruit and yellow dragon fruit. The jackfruit was not really ripe but still edible. The red dragon fruit was good. The yellow dragon fruit was excellent.


I like them. They should get higher brix than that.


I have found that it blooms way to early.for Kansas. Blossoms were opened by March 26th, some started earlier, and our avg last frost date is April 15. I was shocked that it had set fruit at all, but there were only 2. Good luck to you, if you try the Stark SweetHeart. I hope it will thrive for you in TN! I am going to be looking foe some apricots with higher chill hour requirements for planting next spring.


That’s good to know. It’s only a couple small branches on a multi-grafted tree.Thanks,Brady


I replied to your post, that I like them, not realizing there were a bunch of posts in between.

And just today, I went to my mom’s house where my Early Laxton branch is growing and the first 1/2 of them (6 plums) were perfectly ripe. They may have only been 17 brix (didn’t measure) but my daughter and I really enjoyed them.

They are the best European plums I have access to eat today at any price.


I’m growing Stark’s Sweetheart apricot/nut too. I’m crazy about nuts and apricots :slight_smile: Mine was chomped by deer, then got a sneaky borer problem below the soil it’s 1st year but is all fixed up this year and doing nicely, lol.

I’m still eating my Bruce plums. I like them. My neighbors got as low as 21 degrees twice this spring during bloom, and I still got dozens of plums. They are spicy and juicy and have a faint papaya/tropical taste. I like them under-ripe and firm, with a more tart skin then. I’m weird like that with J plums :slight_smile:

Bruce didn’t, however, pollinate my mystery J plum, now pretty big. That was the main reason I got it! They bloomed together but the teeny plums fell off soon after.


Mangos on sale for the 4th of July at 4 for 99 cents. I think that a bargain. Smoothie time!!!



One of these things is not like the others.
But at 99 cents a lb for cherries I couldn’t resist.


i wish! just went on sale here at $2.99/lb from $5.99/lb.! thats why i grow so much fruit. :wink:


My wife bought Angelcots at Trader’s Joe, $3.50 for one lb box. They are grown in Brentwood, about 20 minutes drive from where we live. It’s just another white apricot, similar to Moniqui, Lasgerdi Mashhad, etc., except they are apparently grown with excess water to achieve larger size and are definitely picked well underripe, and therefore taste inferior to my home grown white apricots.


We, in Newport, RI have never seen a white apricot sold in a store, you lucky people!


Some blackberries and the first peach of the season (gold dust). Looked a little rough inside but tasted nice.


First harvests are always special!


Can anyone that’s ripened Williams Pride give me some advice on when they should be ready? I’ve got a dozen on my tree and this will be the first harvest. How red should they be and when can I expect to pick. I now they are an early apple. Was kinda thinking they might be ready by first week of August.


My first WP dropped around Aug 10. It is much redder than in your pic.