What fruits did you eat today?


I started picking my Williams Pride one at a time about three weeks ago. The taste was good but I should have waited for a little more color as is @mamuang example. I only had a few but the seem to ripen at different times. Good taste for an early apple.


One year it took me a month from the first picking to the last. The last one picked some time in Sept. They were all equally good. None was mushy on the tree.


One of the reasons I grow berries.Brady


Do you boil and eat the seeds. I tried it last time at yours or Tony’s suggestion. It was interesting very potato like


Yes, starchy like potato. I love it but I add salt to make it tastier. You need to boil them long enough to be fully cooked. It takes longer time to boil those small jackfruit seeds than boiling a larger potato.


I ate my first home grown seedless grapes. The Vanessa has a lovely snap and are very sweet. I picked a couple from the Suffolk Seedless that were starting to get pink and they were also very sweet, but I know they will get better I just couldn’t resist.

Suffolk Seedless


Sommerset seedless ( no picture) were awesome, sweet with a strong grape flavour.

ETA Please excuse the “garden hands” I just noticed my fingers were dirty.


Dirty fingers get extra points.


I just ordered the book, it looks like a good read for the summer. Thanks


Those are just perfect! Fingers and all So glad they tasted sweet too! Nothing like a snap whenyou bite a table grape. :yum::grapes::grapes:


Your grapes look perfect!!! Good job!


When checking my peach trees, I found 4 Redhaven peaches that were very soft when pressed. They have started to color up the last week or two. Going on the information @Olpea shared with me, I didn’t expect any to be ready until the end of July at the earliest. I picked the 4 soft ones shared them with my family. They were great!! They could have been a tad sweeter and bigger, but for our first peaches ever, we were all happy… except everyone wanted more! The rest are still small and hard.
I should have measured them, but here are 2 of them with a pint jar for comparison.


Caroline raspberries!



Peaches look great, congratulations! But, I can’t imagine they’d be Redhavens. We just started picking our earliest varieties about a week ago. Even the very earliest Redhavens are going to be 2 weeks away. You and I are close enough in latitude that ripening times of varieties shouldn’t be too far off.

There are a lot of varieties which ripen a couple weeks before Redhaven (Garnet Beauty, Early Redhaven, Surecrop are a few). Could be one of those.


So jealous! 110 miles from the Canadian boarder, my Redhavens have a long way to go…


Today we ate Mid-Pride peaches, Cot-N-Candy apriums, Arapahoe blackberries, and Cherry-of-the-Rio-Grande fruits.


Thank you! :grin:
That’s so weird. I bought the tree from Stark Bros along with a Hal-Berta Giant at the same time. According to their descriptions, Redhaven are supposed to ripen a about 4 weeks before the Hal-Berta, so I don’t think they got mixed up. I guess they could have made a mistake and sent me something else entirely like one of the ones you mentioned, but I didn’t expect Stark Bros to do that. I will take some more pictures as the rest start to ripen. But the remainder do not seem to be very close to ripening yet.


Methley plums, 17 brix and tasty!


This was supposed to be a combo shiro and red heart tree. I think it’s actually methley. About 125 organic fruit with three sprays of surround and spinosad. My whole neighborhood is pumped!


A few more pics

I think this tree has a magical force field around it. It has no netting or deer protection yet has had no damage from deer, birds, squirrels, or insects. I don’t understand why. I watched 5 robins sitting under the tree and they did not try to eat the fruit. I’ve seen squirrels run right under the tree and not stop.


Whay makes you think it is methley? Ripening time?