What fruits did you eat today?


Yes. I will get a picture of the inside and size when I get home from work. Red Heart ripens in August and Shiro is yellow. These are dark red to purplish and ripen on July 9th. If anyone has any other idea, I’d love to know


Here they are ripe.


Makes sense to me, my methley just ripened and they are obviously not shiro


I saw the picture of your Methleys above my post. Did yours get any darker than that picture?


I will leave a few on the tree and see how dark they get. Here is what they currently look like (the ones I havent picked)

Also, this is what my shiro plums currently look like


So I waited until the plums were literally falling off the tree and this what they looked like…to me this is too ripe and the flavor and texture suffered waiting this long.


I prefer the taste as it approaches ripeness to full.


Peaches and cream for dessert last night.
From my “supposed to a Redhaven” tree.
Scrumptious! :yum:


Yuki and Caroline Raspberries​:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


More gold dust peaches, these are quite good. Most are between 13 and 14 brix which taste pretty good to me.


Does this count? Dried red dragon fruit. I wanted to like it but it had more of a cooked flavor and not much of anything else.


Is that your first type of peach for the season? I want to graft an earlier peach because here I am, peachless in the middle of July. Mine have another week or so.




Yep, Gold dust is my first ripening peach. I would recommend them. They are late blooming too from my experience.


According to DWN’s ripening table, Springcrest is supposed to ripen at the same time as Gold Dust, but for me it’s about a week earlier. It’s a pretty good peach in my opinion (at least in my climate).


Rasberries only. :sob:


Bought some dried persimmons



Must be from an asian store, huh? I might have to look in ours. The only persimmons I could find at the natural food store are cut into little strips. Yours look a lot more enticing.


Yes. Our local Asian market carried them. I also got some live Blue crabs.


More raspberries and my First Sungold tomato! Soooooo sweet! Loved it, cannot wait for more and rain! On the way!