What fruits did you eat today?


From this morning. Mortgage lifter, Brandywine, and Black Krim. Also harvested my first Williams Pride. It was not very sweet and not that interesting. Texture was good but probably could hang longer. Although I’m afraid that when it gains some sweetness and flavor the texture will be too soft for my liking. I’d consider it a pie apple at this stage.


Nice tom harvest. How do those taste? Have the Black Krim improved flavor wise for you? Isn’t this your first year growing a lot of tomatoes?

Ours are still green, taking their time, but I guess I shouldn’t expect any when we only planted them 6 weeks ago. I’m just impatient, plus I worry about them getting ravaged by deer and the inevitable diseases in this humid environment. We have been very warm and dry, but we got almost 2" over the last 24 hours, with more coming today and tomorrow. There’s always angst waiting to get mature veggies here.


My ripe WP has deeper red, dark red color. Maybe, yours was not quite ripe. What was the color of the seeds?

Also, when I let my WP hang for several more weeks, it stayed crunchy/firm. My area is not as hot as yours so I don’t know if it will go mushy in hotter zone or not. @Auburn has WP and in a higher zone than mine. His input will be more relevant than mine.


All taste phenomenal. And yes black Krim has gotten better in the taste department. That was my first taste of Brandywine and I really like it. I’ve been eating them chunked up in a bowl with cottage cheese. My mother used to do that. So good. My wife plans to make mulligan stew this weekend which I’m not a fan of.


The seeds were dark. I have about a dozen on the tree so I will let the rest hand and sample them throughout the ripening process.


I thought that I had the ripening figured out but I’m still not sure. The heat does appear to move WP to ripen faster and in some cases forward to being over ripe. I need more apples to really find out when they peak in my area. These early apples are hard to determine.


My two WP trees are in partial shade so they are not getting intense sun. They ripe over a long time depending on how much sun those apples get.


The only other apples I have that set this year are Goldrush and Pink Lady. Both are miles behind as you would expect.



Now in a relationship with pink lemonade :sparkling_heart:


To that mixture I like to add water-packed unsalted solid white albacore.


My wife planted three Brandywine toms down in the large garden plot, along with three orange KY beefsteaks almost as an afterthought last month. That’s because these plants, bought from a local store were skinny, almost dead with mostly yellow leaves. They had been sitting outside for about a month before they went into the ground, so they looked pathetic.

Well, fast forward 6 weeks, and now those 6 plants are all about 3ft tall, and already have some small fruit on them. It amazes me how tough tomato plants can be, just give them half a chance and they just take off. Granted this plot is very rich, and didn’t need any amendments this year, but it still is impressive to see them grow like that.


I was impressed by the flavor and sweetness of some Pluots picked up at the local farmers market.
They were labeled Summer Surprise and the skin looked kind of like Flavor Supreme to me.
The seller was from the Yakima area of eastern Washington.
He couldn’t quite remember where the tree was from.He said something like Eastwood,maybe in California.Brady


This is some of the fruit I harvested in the last month or so (I am lazy to take pictures but will try to post more in the future). 1st picture is Maria Dorata (completely white/yellow nectarine) along with Snow Queen nectarine and Anegat apricot. Second picture is Sagittaria peach (bigger) with Rich May peach and Bergeval apricots. Those ripened about a month ago. I was impressed by the taste of Sagittaria, Rich May was also very good, definitely better than some of the later peaches like Springcrest and Flavorcrest. 3rd picture (the one with crate) are Argos cling peaches, my 1st cling of the season, about week old picture. Fourth picture are different raspberries like Fallgold, Valentina, Autumn Bliss, Willamette or Glen Coe.
anegat maria snow queen



I need to get some apricot kuchen into the oven soon!


Christmas tree! :slight_smile: My first apples of the season are ripening. Galmac (red) with 2 grafts of Williams Pride (the purple one). Galmac is ready, WP needs some more time. Both are ahead of Czech Allegro, which is coloring up nicely as well. I am sure the tree is looking for some time off, I had to support it with 2 bamboo sticks otherwise it would break.!
galmac williams pride


It so looks like a plum tree!


Lavina Plums are ripening.Nice flavor.I like them. Brady


been eating black currants, wild red raspberries , ohio black raspberries and some wild canadian black berries.


Storebought cherries, can grow them so i buy in season big time.
Just bought 2 3lb bags .I already went through several bags, hope season last.


Beautiful plum