What fruits did you eat today?




Picked my last Winter Banana today.


I just ate my last one yesterday, it’s a very good plum.


That apple looks good. How did they taste? I have a young WB tree with three apples on it. I am looking forward to trying them when they ripen later this fall.


I don’t think that WB is a top tier apple for taste. To me it is fair and occasionally good tasting. For some reason I think it might taste better in a colder location. It appears to be a good pollinator and interstem.


Ate my last Raspberry Red Nectarine.These are tiny tots,but good tasting to me.About 17 brix on this one. Brady


There were two Arctic Star Nectarine fruit on about a second year graft.The first one was picked a couple weeks ago,as the texture felt somewhat soft,but was not ready and didn’t taste very good.
It’s been hot lately and today,when checked,this one,was really soft.
Great,sweet,rich flavor,about 19 brix.The first time tasting these.I tried to get a halved picture,but the flesh was soft and being cling stone,looked kind of messy. Brady


I’ve tried those in tasting trials – very good!


Raspberry Red was a small acid bomb here even with high brix too strong for me.

I love Arctic Star above 24 brix. Below 14 it’s nothing just bland. In between it just gets better as the brix increases.


Victoria red table grapes. Very sweet.


Those r beauties
Whats your regimen to keep them so clean?


I sprayed immunox once shortly after fruit set then put them in a few diff types of paper bags. We have had a lot of rain and the bagged ones were getting some rot so I pulled them all out today and netted for birds. About 80% of the clusters have minimal rot. Some need to color up and ripen a bit more.


Well done
I wont have grapes for 2 years but im saving yr post


That is why I have the WB, basically for a pollinator. Most of my apple trees are younger/smaller. I needed a good pollinator during the time they are younger. I put in mostly Yellow Delicious for that reason. I thought I would try out the WB for a different pollinator variety.
Perhaps I will change them all over once the other trees get older. Good idea.


ate some north blue blueberries, ohio treasure black raspberries and a few handfulls of consort b. currants.


I’d be cautious in interpret the things I did as the cause that I got some grapes. Maybe luck, maybe black rot hasn’t set in yet. I’ll probably need to spray more eventually. I’ll probably end up with around 20 clusters from 2 plants unless this rain nukes the ones still hanging.

If you planted this year you might get some grapes next year. Mine grew really well in yr 1 basically establishing the permanent horizontal cordons. Then the fruiting canes grew off those in yr 2. I’m in yr 3 now. Good luck with your vines.


Ty Barry, what u are doing its awesome. Continued luck to u too :sunglasses:


had my 1st taste of my new batch of black currant jam on a slab of homemade bread toasted with butter! yum!




Been eating 2-3 raspberries every couple of days. It might not sound like much, but considering that they are coming from 6 bareroot “sticks” that I planted 2.5 months ago I’m pretty hyped for what I’ll get next year! The varieties I planted: Royalty (Purple), Caroline (Red), Anne (Yellow)