What fruits did you eat today?


Perfect trio.


planted 15 raspberry bushes this spring on a property i manage. planted 5 joan j everbearring , 5 encore and 5 killarney. went to check them a few days ago and 2 each had 2 berries on them. where supposed to be joan j but both were a yellow berry. looks like fall gold from what i can figure but funny part is this company dosent carry yellows raspberry cultivars, or at least they don’t offer them for sale. nice to have them as the taste is great but someone messed up. going to contact them mon. to see what they say.


Figs taste great. Chicago Hardy’s today.


Jackfruit local store actually has some. Artic Supreme peach and the 2nd crop of white Mulberrys from the yard. Oh found a few Goji berries also.


@zazlev – I’m so glad to hear Chicago Cold Hardy is working for you in 6B. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Richard!


ZACK!!! I’m so happy for you man! Don’t I remember you saying that you had never had fresh figs before? Was this your first? Was it love at first bite like it was for me a few years ago? I’m so glad you have some fruit coming in, and IMHO figs are one of the best! Believe it or not, even though I only live a short distance fro you, none of my figs have ripened yet.

BTW…those look ripe for sure, but I encourage you to leave a few on longer than that so you can try them. I like to let them crack and turn into little bags of jelly (that will make sense when you try a dead ripe one). anyway, I’m so glad to see you are getting some fruit neighbor!


Thanks Kevin!! I am super excited and happy they are doing so well. I was able to get a few last year but they are better this year! This was a potted one. My outside planted Chicago is loaded with figs but not done yet. My Olympian has a lot too.

I am gong to take you your suggestion and wait until they are more ripe. I like to put them in the refrigerator and eat them chilled. Super yummy! I also have two large Black Jack figs in a pot I am waiting to try!


try this if you have enough: Cut them into 2 halves, put in a skillet-type pan and put on stove on medium. Put enough butter to cover bottom of pan and come about 1/2 way up on the fig halves. Then drizzle honey all across the tops. Cook on medium/low about 7-10 minutes. Let cool a bit and pour the figs and the butter/fig/honey souce that will be created onto some good vanilla ice cream. Prepare to die from good taste. :slight_smile:

My figs were also better the second year, btw. Since all my figs died to the ground this winter for the first time in 5 years, I’m not sure how they will taste and it looks like I won’t get many, but fingers crossed I’ll get some good ones. It’s still a bit odd that yours are ripening and mine aren’t even close even though you and I live in the same area. Such is nature!


Picked a bird damaged Valley Sweet peach. Still crunchy firm but 25 brix, 3-inches, and tastes great.

Have had 3 inches of rain in the last 6 weeks no irrigation. What can I say except I love dry sunny hot weather.


Sounds amazing!! I will try that for sure.


Beautiful looking peach!


Looks delicious


This is the highest brix peach I’ve ever grown and it’s still not really ripe. These would sell like hotcakes in the store.


Harko nectarine and sweet treat pluerry, both good, not great. Pluerry is sweet, but no real distinctive flavor


@Phill_Boise_7a Did you measure the brix? How old are the trees?


I didn’t, but I will with the next few I pick and I will report back to you. This is the 2nd year for the sweet treat and the 3rd for the harko


I am contemplating adding Harko next year, and hence my inquiry…


My last Candy Heart Pluerries of the season. My best producer and best fruit in a very light crop year overall (due to our erratic weather in March). Very good – kids would have eaten hundreds more.


Ate a Gala fresh off the tree. Big difference from the ones sold at Walmart. Very good.