What fruits did you eat today?


A lot of fruit seem to ripen right about the same time.

Today I ate Arctic Glo nects, Nadia, Shiro plums and last few Beauty plums.


My galas are sizing up. Finally blushing a bit. Looking forward to them


The shape makes them look like two different fruits. Brady


Jefferson plum. 16 brix. OK flavor, extremely juicy for a European plum. 2" diameter, clingstone.


More harko, 15.5 brix, very tasty, definitely let the tree over set though, it is hard with this tree because it flowers so profusely.


Wow Phil, those are great photos. That tree loaded with fruit looks like it should be on a nursery catalog! The fruit looks so clean and the cut one looks perfect. I did well with peaches but I have a hard time keeping all my nectarines blemish free like yours look. I use the same sprays and same schedules but my nectarines never look good like that. Bugs, birds, and fungi all seem to enjoy them more than peaches for some reason! Good job on yours.


Well, as much as I would like to say my fruit looks perfect, it really doesn’t. I have a lot of stink bug damage, especially on my mericrest nectarine and indian free peach.I Also have a lot of thrip damage, but that doesn’t really bother me. I wish I had a good solution for the BMSB. It also hasn’t rained here in 2 months…so that helps.


Well Phil, I agree with Kevin, your tree looks great and that piece of fruit looks amazing!


I put nylon footies or organza bags over the fruit and that helped a lot. Brady


Yeah, probably didn’t help that I had the picture rotated the wrong way. But you can see the heart point at the bottom of each. Candy Heart does make pretty good heart shapes, but that second one looks a little less developed.


I am documenting my attempt to grow Lulo Naranjilla here Free Seeds / Growing Naranjilla

But while I wait for my plants to flower and fruit I lucked up on some imported fruits at the local international grocery.

Tasting report

I got a lot of Kiwi and pineapple vibe. Very Juicy tart, not to be eaten out of hand.

pureed diluted with water and sugar added it is a perfect juice. Does not need to be balanced with other fruits its just really good and refreshing.


Ate 5 of these unknown variety freestone peaches that my cousin purchased from an orchard out in the panhandle of WV. Maybe Redhaven.They are not very large but perfectly delicious. After my crop loss those are the first fresh peaches I’ve eaten all summer. Best part is that I was able to give her an entire box of heirloom tomatoes that I’ve been inundated with.


I went to Boyer and Pryor farms in PA last weekend. The prominent variety both places sold were Red Haven. I bought half a bushel back for my buddy who watered my many potted plants while we were away. She loved them.


Turned ny small crop of Pristine into applesauce today! Yum!


Ate my first toka plum off of a 3 year old tree. Without a doubt the best plum I have had, definitely has a distinctive bubblegum flavor which is different from other plums I have had. Will test brix on the next few and post.


Malus Sieversii #12 from Cummins Nursery - Accession PI 613994 at the USDA (from Kazakhstan).

This is an excellent apple. Upon biting into it you notice a very nice aroma. The first taste to hit your mouth is not apple, but a light berry flavor. It’s growing in a pot and this is the first year it set fruit.


Sweet, I planted a Toka this spring. Your trees and set up look great.


These sweet treat pluerries are growing on me. I am finding they are much better when picked crunchy. This one was 20 brix, good flavor.


These are probably Sprite instead of the Delight Plum,because they are sweet and not tangy,like that one is suppose to be.A nice tasting little fruit,at about 19 brix. Brady


Beautiful looking CA large pluots from Costco. Tart skin and bland flavor. The only really good pluots I’ve purchased came from a farmers market run by a local produce distributor. Unfortunately they discontinued the market.
The local distributor provides data on what is going out to the local stores as an example:
Large Peaches 2½”, 25 lb Brix: 10.0