What fruits did you eat today?


My five grands were here today so I decided to let them do a taste test of the fruit I had that was ripe.
This is their ranking. This is my first year to have KD fruit and I was surprised that it was a unanimous 1st place winner. The KD was dark red but I thought it is suppose to be a late ripening apple.

1- King David
2- Gala
3- Unknown Gold
4- Mollie


I visited my sister in Buckley,WA today and her only fruiting Peach was about ready to pick.A few were on the ground and some others on the tree were getting soft.
They are good tasting,about 17 brix and an old hand drawn map,lists the tree probably as Encore.
I brought her some Nectaplums to try and she could taste Plum and then Nectarine flavors. Brady

Spice Zee Nectaplum


I had a Moonglow pear and Lane muscadines. Both were so good.


Ernie’s Choice Peaches… large and sweet/tart… delicious! They are my first tree fruits to ripen (squirrels had a field day this year).


Purchased these from grocery store. Darker one labeled as Dandy so I assume it’s dapper dandy? Other one simply labeled as yellow pulot so i’m guessing it’s flavor queen?

Anyway, both were good and huge. Would love to see the trees these came off!


Rain-soaked Easternglo nectarines. Mostly bland. Extended monsoon we have had over a month long have caused a lot of cracked, rot, etc.


But they look so good!


No good fruit to give away so I talked my hubby into making nectarine crisp from these salvaged pieces.


Did you save me some?


VdB figs


Toka Plum and Artic Glo Nectarine. 21 brix on the toka, very good flavor, but mealy at the pit, which is unpleasant and unfortunetly consistent. 17 brix on the nectarine, but it wasn’t quite ripe, but I couldn’t help but pick one due to curiosity. The arctic glo reminds me a lot of the indian free peach, very acidic and needs high brix to balance this. Exceptional flavor, and I imagine if I get the brix closer to 20 it will be an amazing peice of fruit. At 17 it is a bit tart. I also picked a flavor king pluot yesterday even though it was still very crunchy. Even at that stage it was the best peice of fruit I have had all year…



I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular after all my Honeycrisp apple tends to struggle at my place. Today was the day for what made Honeycrisp famous. Only one but it was really good.


One of the CRFG Hybridizer Group’s fruits,(their 1st release,according to the Arboreum Company),Kit Donnell Peach.These are the first I’ve tried and were grafted to a Fantasia Nectarine.Fairly large and good flavor. Brady


L to R --> Cambridge Gage, Superior, Toka plums. All fell on their own today. Superior was cracked but not badly, Toka had some PC damage. Cambridge Gage was 20 brix, Superior was 16. Both were good. Cambridge Gage was about 1-1/4" dia. This Toka was smaller than normal. I’ve also been eating lots of 15 brix Veteran peaches and my first grapes (Edelweiss). They are probably not quite fully ripe yet, 15 brix.




This is the first one I’ve tried, and the only one for this year. If I can do a better job managing PC I should get a decent amount next year. It seems like it is one of the latest bloomers for me.


What was the brix on the toka?


In my experience Gages are a mid-season fruiter out here.


I didn’t check that one because I was only able to eat half of it due to some PC damage. I still have a few clean ones that I should get to try in a week or so.


Mango pawpaw are almost done and halfway through Wabash. Susquehanna is not quite ready yet.

One of the large Wabash picked today