What fruits did you eat today?


My tanglefoot always get covered with grass clippings every time the lawn is mowed. Have you noticed that with yours? I’m wondering if I should cover it with a piece of plastic bag before lawn mowing which would be a hassle but I won’t have to reapply it often.


Yup tangle foot does work! It took away a lot of my insect issues. Not just aphids. Some sort of caterpillar worm chomped up an entire apple tree that I didn’t protect with tanglefoot while every other tree that I did put tanglefoot on were not bothered. I wonder if Vaseline would serve the same purpose? Try that if it’s more available where you are.


Out here, tanglefoot girdles and kills trees.


Today I’m eating ripe Li Jujubes off the tree. In the photo you see I ate them all before taking the shot!


That’s why we don’t apply Tangle Foot right on a trunk of a tree. I take masking tape off my trees at the end of the season every year.


Out here the pests are alive and crawling up the trees year-round.


My trees have anywhere from 3-4’ mulch rings around them so that helps. The Tangled Foot does collect a lot of dirt, and other stuff when wind blows.


Diatomaceous Earth might help some in your situation,Richard. Brady


Nope. But chemigating with Leverage 360 every 3-4 months works very well and doesn’t seem to bother the local red earthworms.


mamey sapote ice cream


Having some fresh Honeycrisp apples from a local orchard. It’s going to be hard to not graft this onto our mother tree once everything’s up and going. My wife’s always been a Gala fan, so I might try putting Kidd’s Orange Red on that tree as well. Depends, I’ve never tried Kidd’s.

I also got an unnamed peach and 2 unnamed nectarines. I usually ask the owner for the variety of the stonefruit but the store was busy. I’ll just get it from them via email.


Had Southern Home and Black Beauty muscadines with lunch.


I had one each of the unnamed nectarine and peach at lunch. Also had another Honeycrisp and McIntosh apple at lunch. The nect was good, the peach was just OK, the apples were amazing. The Honeycrisp was so good it has me revisiting the thought of adding a third apple tree to my order with Cummins next spring. I’m happy to just graft a Mac onto another tree, since those only last so long.

Having this new variety “Autumn Crisp” right now. On the outside it looks similar to the Honeycrisp, but it’s definitely no Honeycrisp. The flesh is much denser, It’s got a pretty good, sweet/floral aroma to it. I see a blog post describing it as “very tart”, which isn’t true at all for the apple I’m eating. I put it a step below the Mac and Honeycrisp I also had today, but I can see how others would put this one higher. It’s a good apple.


Golden raspberries and a fabulously huge Elberta peach! More of those tomorrow!!!


Had a rave Apple very juicy with a lot of crunch. flavor wise one sided, sweet reminded me a bit of honeycrisp with the crunch as it is a parent. For me a pass, still the most interesting one is lemonade I’ve had a half dozen of them last 4 was past prime so they were blah but love to get a stick of it.


Vox says Rave is a club apple. Lemonade appears to be as well, probably just a few big growers in the PNW can grow it here. If I’m right about that, you’d have to wait until it’s off patent for a stick.


@Joe Rave is a club Apple only those in Minnesota can get that tree for there place like cosmic crisp is for Washington residents only. Not sure what rave is called in Minnesota as it’s under a different name there. Lemonade is a club only here in the states but of all the club varieties I’ve tried it’s the only one I like.


Hope grapes, kiwi gold raspberries with sliced Elberta peaches! heaven. .


How’s the SWD pressure on those raspberries?


Three store bought nectarines went into the garbage. Dry with an unpleasant spongy texture. Last year and this year the mangoes from Mexico were excellent. September seems to be the best time for mangoes. Ate Keitt and another even better unknown variety.