What fruits did you eat today?


Grocery store score! Just after pictures though :).
Tamarillo: my second time trying, still not a fan
Yellow dragon fruit: definitely sweeter than the white ones I’ve tried. Very refreshing.
Mangosteen: still my favorite!


The peaches in your photo really made me smile. Unlike a lot of folks, I think that is the perfect degree of ripeness for a good peach! ha. When you can barely even cut them into slices because they are so soft, when you have to cut away a few overripe, spoiled spots, etc. Yes, well dented, super-soft, “over-ripe” peaches like those are the BEST!!! OF course I never give away those at that stage becasue most people think they are “too far gone” but not me!!! That jam looks great, too!!!


Not sure this counts but the peaches did come from the orchard.


Hungarian Heart tomatoes. This is the first oxheart type I’ve grown successfully. Very meaty and tasty, I’ll try more next year. Also had my last Castleton plum yesterday @ 22 brix. I only had 5 that ripened this year but they were all good. PC got the rest.


There also a pink variety that tastes really great too!


I tried pluots for the first time today, it almost made me want to move south so I could grow them. First year I’ve seen them at our grocery store, although they very well could have had them and I just didn’t notice.

Anyone know what varieties these are likely to be? The darker one is sweeter. The lighter has a sour skin and was labeled “plum pluot” rather than just pluot.




Lots of jujubes.


Must be a nice grocery store if they sell mangosteen. My wife’s favorite is star apple, which is something we’ve never seen for sale in the USA.


I think the other name of Star apple is milk fruit. @tonyOmahaz5 knows all about it. He has mentioned it here several times.


Looks like the one. I’ve only had it a couple of times. It’s very good refrigerated. Mildly sweet and pulpy.


Kiwi gold raspberries and blackberries! Will make a peach pie timorrow.


Bill’s Nectar Peachcots,were grafted to a Bella Gold Peacotum,which hasn’t produced yet.
They are a bit sweeter this year,their second time fruiting. Brady


Apples and figs


Those figs are beautiful. We don’t get fresh figs here.


This photo is from a week ago. Kevina and O´Henry peaches, Chojuro Asian pears, Farhial and Farclo apricots, Toptaste europlum + 1 fig

I had also first crop of Smitten apple. This variety is ant magnet so I had to pick them a bit earlier that I would like to. Some are still left on the tree, got about 15 all together


Is your location in Europe and if so,do they have Tanglefoot there?It’s great against ants. Brady


Good chance those are Dapple Dandy and Flavor King, although there are many varieties now.


Hi Brady, unfortunately Tanglefoot is not available here. I tried something similar but the base that look similar to plastic wrap wasn’t that great for the bark, it was peeling off once removed. I will buy Tanglefoot in US, if it was working it would be well worth the money. Thank you


Paul, Tangled Foot works. Don’t apply it directly to a trunk of your tree. I just use masking tape wrapping around a trunk to make a 8-10” band. Then, you smear Tangled Foot on the masking tape. I do it in early spring. It has lasted until now.