What fruits did you eat today?


Your (mostly) organic sprayed peaches looked impressive. I wish mine will look as clean as yours.


Here is O Henry peach. Looks very similar to June pride, and should since JP is O Henry and June lady cross. However not quite as sweet or intense flavor, though super good. I think the big difference is O Henry tastes like an awesome classic peach, where June pride tastes like a nectarine. Also difference in brix, most O Henry around 20 to 22 brix, June pride 23 to 25 this year

Both superb peaches!


O Henry top June pride bottom.


Superb growing. You have raised the standard for all time peach quality…!!

I did get one 25 brix Valley Sweet this yr. It was superb as well. But so far I haven’t done it consistently like you have.


Sure, here is one

They vary a fair amount, this one is less colored than usual. The Sanguine Chateauneuf is generally more red; its starting to ripen now.


I have tardive as a graft. I was disappointed in its color but taste was far better than Indian Free! Would also love to see the Chateauneuf, since it is in my backyard in France. Only 25 minutes! Cannot wait to grow peaches , apricots, and cherries! Thank you Scott!


Beautiful peaches!


Thanks a lot Fruitnut, learned a lot from you and your awesome nectarines you post pictures and info on! I’ll bet that was a wonderful Valley Sweet at 25 brix! We also live in a perfect peach/ nectarine climate so that helps too.


Wow fruitgrower! I would like to hit numbers like you and fruitnut someday.


Been eating these Mericrest Nectarines for a while now, but it has taken me some time to formulate my opinion on them. I would say I do prefer them over my Harko Nectarine (my only other yellow nect). They are very tangy, but sweet with good texture. The flavor and acidic punch is exactly what I imagine when I think of my favorite nectarines growing up. Definitely a keeper.


Starting to get a steady flow of Shinseiki and Yongi Asian pears. I lift each fruit beyond horizontal with just a tiny bit of a pull. If they don’t break free I leave them on. They are averaging around 15 brix and have that nice florally background flavor this year. Very, very good. After being a bit overwhelmed with peaches, I like that I can let them sit on the counter for awhile and not have them go bad. Still have Kosui and Chojuro and Nijeseiki that will probably ripen in a few weeks.


Eating some of my Contender peaches. Since I had so many peaches I made preserves from most of the them after making some cobblers and fresh eating some. I made 4 quarts, 14 -12 oz jars, 20- 8 oz jars of preserves with just two two trees. Plus I lost more than a bushel I could not get to before the critters ate them. My fridges were so full of peaches I could not get to them in time. I had some netting I normally use but was not able to get to it this year. Maybe next year the trees will produce just as much fruit. I will get the netting out of storage before I need it.


A few Euro Plums,in range of sweetness and flavor:Valor,Seneca and Kirke’s Blue.

They are shown in opposite order in the photo.KB,Seneca,Valor

Also,the second fruiting year for these Chinese Honey Peach,from Bob Purvis wood.I’m wondering if they will ever get sweet,only 12-13 brix.Nothing like their name. Brady


It’s still too green.


I failed to thin my 3 year old Contender tree this year and I got over a hundred golf ball sized peaches. They tasted good, but I’ll make sure I thin in the future. I ended up canning them.


They are soft and falling off the tree.Purvis writes,to not let these hang,but put them in a refrigerator,to ripen or else the flesh gets stringy.I think that’s how he put it. Brady


Mine turn off white with a pastel pink blush. Juicy and sweet.


Do we have the same variety?Brady


got about 20 royalty raspberries from my spring planted plant. thought they were floroocane fruiting but i guess they sometimes cheat. taste was good. fruit was huge but not as tasty as my other raspberry varieties. these will be used for sugar free jam. :wink:


Mine looked that small about a month ago when we had no rain. After we had a few good rains most of them git to regular size. I had some I never thinned because I thought they would stay small this year. I had one branch break after we had a huge rain. The end was too heavy with fruit.