What Happened to Rolling River Nursery?

Due to the glowing recommendations on this forum and Dave’s Garden Watchdog, I recently placed my first order with Rolling River Nursery. I ordered 2 blueberry varieties (Biloxi and Pink Lemonade), a thornless boysenberry, and a Venus grape.

I waited several weeks without hearing anything, and finally received an email from them saying their shipping was running 4-7 weeks because of the COVID, which was understandable. It actually took longer than 7 weeks and I finally sent an email inquiry. Shortly afterward I received tracking info that they were shipping my order.

I was so disappointed when I received it. Instead of the Biloxi blueberry, which is a Southern Highbush variety, they sent me Elliott, a Northern Highbush, which won’t grow in my area. Instead of the thornless boysenberry, they sent a thornless Apache blackberry. I don’t even like blackberries. All the plants are in poor condition. Not from shipping damage, mind you, but long term neglect and nutrient deficiency. These plants literally look like they pulled them off the trash heap. One of them had a handwritten label on it with a date in March 2018, so I assume that’s how long it had been in that pot. What makes me really angry is that this wasn’t a mistake; they knew they were sending trash and they did it anyway.

I hope this is not typical of how they conduct their business, but I don’t think I am willing to take another chance on them.


They burned me with my first order, and I will not order again. Rolling River Nursery - #5 by nil

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Rolling River is now “planting justice”.They screwed up my order too. Shipped it 3 weeks late and to the wrong address.
Previous owners sold it and started fruitwood nursery — a quality operation.


I’ve recently had really good results ordering from scenic hills, one green world, and gurneys. I’m still waiting if my order from starks, ordered back in May, estimated to ship late August.

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I got good loquat scion/budwood from fruitwood nursery. They followed up quickly to communications and corrected shipping charges that the ordering tool mixed up. The wood arrived in excellent condition.


That explains why Fruitwood has a lot of the same varieties as RR. I’ve bought some rooted plugs and wood from them. They’ve been really great and reasonably priced.