What is eating my nectarine flowers?

After visiting my fruit trees tonight with a headlamp on, damage to my nectarine flowers stood out like a sore thumb! Has anyone seen or had this happen before? Thanks for the help.

First photo shows healthy flower, second two are the affected ones.

Let me know what you think!


Yes, this happens to my nectarine flowers every year, it is very annoying, specially when your trees are young and have a limited number of blossoms… I think they are birds who do that!

Various budworms a possibility.

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I suspects worms. Birds tend to eat petals.

I have problems with birds eating the bases of my flowers and letting the petals fall to the ground. It can be so bad at times, they can strip an entire tree. Here’s a link to my issue:

Alright that settles it, gonna spray BT tomorrow and put up bird tape! Thanks everyone